Improving the AC Efficiency in Your Atlanta Home

Published on: February 22, 2012

In the Atlanta, GA area, the air conditioning repair and installation experts keep our systems as efficient as possible. With installation, repair and maintenance programs, we can rely on our heating and cooling bill to be as low as it can be, while maintaining the comfort levels in the home and using little energy.

As the air conditioning repair and installation technicians perform their magic, the unit becomes a finely tuned heating and cooling system that lasts for years. The Atlanta, GA technicians improve the air conditioning efficiency levels through maintenance, whole home weatherization tasks and by air conditioning repair and installation tasks.

To improve the efficiency of your system, and to avoid the air conditioning repair and installation of a whole new unit before it is needed, there are several system maintenance duties that are recommended to save you money on your Atlanta, GA energy bill and to keep the unit operating at the maximum efficiency level it is designed for:

1. Tune ups that are performed on a yearly basis ensure the system is running perfectly. When the unit is operating smoothly, you are spending less money to cool your home. The system is also going to have a longer life span.

2. An inspection by a technician is recommended on a yearly basis as well. With an inspection, the technician has an opportunity to observe how the parts of your ac unit are operating together and to locate any faulty areas that may require tweaking or repair. When the parts operate correctly, the ac system is much more efficient and can keep your home cooler, without using as much energy.

3. Maintaining the air duct system of an HVAC system plays a vital role in supplying clean, healthier air while the system operates efficiently. When the duct system becomes filled with debris, dust, dirt, allergens and pollutants, you and your family inhale these particles. Over time, respiratory problems will be evident.

4. The Atlanta, GA area technicians can guide you through or perform services to weatherize your whole house. Through this process, you are saving money on the heating and cooling bill by having to run the air conditioner less time, which improves the efficiency of your AC system.