The Importance of Air Conditioner Repair in Atlanta GA

Published on: September 14, 2012

Cities like Atlanta, GA that are known for weather that does not pay attention to rules are especially destructive to air conditioners. The extreme and sudden humidity and temperature changes that routinely occur in Atlanta can break down even the best of air conditioners. If the owner does not keep up with the routine maintenance that must be done, he is sure to spend a great deal more money on air conditioner repair visits.

Air conditioner repair in Atlanta, GA does not have to occur as much as it does. However, to avoid air conditioner repair, there are a few things that a home owner can do. Some of these routine maintenance tips are listed below.

One – To avoid air conditioner repair in Atlanta GA, clean the filters in the AC unit on a regular basis.

Most filters inside of air conditioning units that are only functioning on a basic level still need to be cleaned on a monthly basis. In cities with extreme weather like Atlanta, filters may actually need to be cleaned more frequently.

The filters in your air conditioning system are the first line of defense against overworking your air conditioner as a whole. If they are full of contaminants, you cannot hope to have the rest of the air-conditioning unit work at an optimal level.

Two – Clean your drip pans on a regular basis to avoid the negative effects of condensation on your air-conditioning unit.

No matter how good your air-conditioning system is, it will always create condensation. Left to its own devices, condensation will cause massive problems within your air-conditioning system and increase your need for air conditioner repair.

The drip pan is perhaps the easiest part of your air-conditioning system to clean. All you have to do is check it for water and other liquids, clearing it when it is full. You should also note whether there is any mold growth in your drip pans. This can actually be a symptom of more serious problems inside of your air-conditioning unit. If you do actually have advanced mold or mildew growth inside of your unit, you will have to get a professional air conditioner repair in Atlanta, GA.

Three – Use as much of the automatic temperature control as you can.

One of the biggest reasons for overworking an air-conditioning unit in the summer is trying to adjust the temperature manually. People usually overcompensate for the heat index in the living space. In places with a large heat index like Atlanta, this can mean literally hundreds of dollars worth of energy over the course of a year.

If you have not invested in an air-conditioning unit with automatic thermostat control, you should do so immediately. This action alone can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills, not to mention the overwork that extreme thermostat changes puts on your air conditioning system.

Four – Have your air conditioning unit looked over professionally on a regular basis.

No matter how diligent you are with your routine maintenance checkups, there are some problems that can only be checked by a true professional. There are many toxic chemicals inside of the average air conditioning unit. Special equipment is needed to reach some of the innermost parts.

Putting yourself on a routine professional checkup schedule can eliminate many of the larger problems that occur from little things that can easily be avoided.

Five – Run your air conditioning units with your ceiling fans to avoid air conditioner overwork in the hottest seasons.

One easy way to avoid air conditioning repair is to run your air conditioners with ceiling fans in the summertime. This reduces the heat index and eliminates the psychological need to overcompensate for stagnant air.

Make sure that if your fan is reversible it is set to push air down in the living space. This will maximize the effect that the ceiling fans have on your air conditioner. Your air conditioner will also not have to work as hard it is running can with the ceiling fans. This will eliminate a great deal of the air conditioner repairs that you would normally have to have done simply to survive in the humid, hot summers of Atlanta.