Top 3 Items To Know About Your Atlanta AC

Published on: May 2, 2012

The summers in Atlanta are hot and humid due to its subtropical climate. To help ensure your air conditioner is in proper working order use the top three tips included to get a better understanding of your air conditioner unit. The information provided below will not make you a professional HVAC technician by any means, but it can help you understand some of the basics of air conditioning and avoid an expensive air conditioner repair bill.

Tip One: Regular Maintenance is Essential
An air conditioner unit can become easily irritated. The dirt and dust that builds up on the filter, in the evaporator coil, and on the outdoor unit will eventually cause problems. It is through these areas that airflow passes. If dirt has clogged up these areas, then the airflow is restricted causing higher temperatures. This is why maintaining your HVAC system is necessary. Most importantly, when dealing with your air conditioning system maintenance is of the utmost importance. An expensive air conditioner repair job is often the direct result of the lack of maintenance. Don’t become a victim to an unnecessary air conditioner repair job due to negligence.

Tip Two: Much of the Maintenance Can be Done Yourself
While it is important to have your unit inspected and cleaned each spring by a professional, most of your minor maintenance items can be done yourself. Thankfully, maintaining your air conditioner unit is quite simple. Doing so will help prevent an unexpected costly air conditioner repair bill. One maintenance item that needs to be routinely checked is your unit’s copper lines. If you notice ice or frost, then something is wrong. Immediately contact a HVAC technician to look at your air conditioner unit before the problem gets worse or completely shuts down. If this happens, an air conditioner repair bill will be the least of your worries.

Check your air filters monthly during extreme weather conditions and change them when they’re dirty. Typically, filters only need changing every six months. Remove any obstructions from the outside unit. The unit should be free of leaves, debris, and trees so airflow won’t be restricted. Make sure all access panels are secure and it has all the screws in place.

Tip Three: Reduce the Workload off your AC Unit to help it Last Longer
There is a lot you can do to keep your air conditioning costs down while keeping your home cool in Atlanta. Energy can be conserved and your electric bill can be lowered by insulating your home. Use caulk and weather stripping to close air gaps around your home. Insulate the attic. Keep the doors and windows closed when using your AC system to keep the cool air circulating inside. Lastly, use shades and drapes over the windows facing the sun. This will reduce the effect of the sunlight and cut down on the heat from the sun.