We Are Your Local Heating Contractor in Atlanta

Published on: December 28, 2012

While your Atlanta winter may not be severe, it is important to have a good heating system in place. Our lowest recorded temperature was below zero in the late 1800s, and we experience a yearly average of more than 40 days with freezing temperatures during the winter months. If your heat pump or furnace malfunctions, you need to know that a dependable heating contractor in Atlanta is ready to assist. Give us a call to address your issues.

Local Experience and Service

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and have spent many years assisting with a broad range of HVAC issues in the community. We keep our licenses and certifications updated and participate in continuing training related to our trade. You can count on quality repairs and installations. We are familiar with weather trends and related heating needs, and we are prepared to help with your heating system problems or interests.

What Is Your Need for a Heating Contractor?

While there are some common concerns during the winter months, there are a variety of reasons that you may be in search of a reputable local heating contractor. We are experts in installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC equipment for both residential and commercial properties. 

Repair Services

The most common time for repair needs in our business is the beginning of cold weather. Whether you are in a residence or business, you may not think about your heater until it’s needed. A system that is vulnerable is likely to have problems during this initial use. Our schedule can fill up quickly at this point, and it’s important to call right away to schedule us for a diagnostic visit.

We will work quickly to pinpoint problems with your equipment. After making a determination of repair needs, we will create a quote for repairs. We don’t proceed with the repairs without first obtaining your approval. In some cases, repair may not be a viable option. In such a situation, we will provide recommendations for new heating equipment.

Maintenance Services

Many customers have come to appreciate our annual heating maintenance services. We essentially perform a diagnostic of your equipment and tune it up. Moving parts are adjusted, fittings are tightened, and settings are checked. We make sure that there aren’t fuel leaks. Safety monitors are inspected. We examine your ducts, clean your coils, and check your blower belt. 

We will provide an overview of our findings and recommendations for repairs if they are needed. This service can prolong the life of your heating system while keeping your energy costs lower. This helps home and business owners head off unexpected heating problems at inconvenient times. 

While maintenance services are most common during the fall, it’s not too late to schedule a visit if you are wondering about the efficiency of your equipment during the cold weather. This service provides great value and helpful information.

Replacing Your Equipment

We are able to provide you with a huge selection of new or supplementary heating equipment if you need to update an old system. You can expect a couple of decades of service from a furnace, but old equipment can be very inefficient compared to newer systems. Some of our customers are concerned about their bills. Others are thrilled with the environmentally friendly models of heating equipment. Some are faced with the need to heat home additions that aren’t linked to the central HVAC system. 

We will perform a load calculation to determine the models best suited to your building. We will also provide you with selections that fit your budget. We will discuss packaged systems that provide dual fuel heating. Many Atlanta residents love the ability to transition between an efficient electrical heat pump and an affordable gas furnace based on the outdoor temperatures. These hybrid systems are excellent for our climate.

We keep up with financial incentives affecting our industry as well. You may want to take advantage of an energy tax credit, and we can provide you with equipment options that are eligible. We also keep up with manufacturer incentives and rebates that are occasionally available based on consumer loyalty. If your budget is restricted, we will help you find the most affordable equipment options.

Air Quality Interests

While most customers contact a heating contractor for repairs and replacements, we’ve also noticed increasing interest in winter air quality issues. You may wonder what you can do about the dry skin you experience when your heating equipment operates. Humidification systems are great to use in tandem with your heater. In fact, there are even humidifying furnaces on the market to address this interest. Other consumers are interested in air purification options that will work with their central heating. Cold and flu season is a time that causes many to focus on the germs and bacteria circulating in their air.

We serve the needs of our customers throughout the year. Whether you need to solve problems with your central HVAC system or you need ideas for supplementing your existing equipment, we are happy to assist you in finding the best options for your home or business. Contact us to discuss your heating, cooling or air quality needs today.