We Provide Dependable Furnace Installation in Atlanta

Published on: December 14, 2012

When it comes to new furnace installation, you want a product that you will not only provide immediate satisfaction but one that you can depend upon to keep your family warm and cozy for many years to come. What are the most important factors to consider when installing a new furnace in your Atlanta home? The nation’s leading consumer publication recommends that homeowners take these three important steps:

  • Ensure that specifications of the furnace will meet your home’s specific heating needs
  • Make sure that you purchase your new furnace from a contractor who will install it correctly
  • Choose a contractor who has the skills to maintain the furnace over the long term

Choose the Right Product

In the average American home, heating accounts for around 30 percent of household energy usage. In an effort to conserve the nation’s energy resources, efficiency requirements over the last two decades have been raised significantly. Furnace efficiency is represented by an annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating, which measures the percent of fuel that is converted into heat. Some modern furnaces approach total efficiency with AFUE ratings as high as 97 percent.

An energy-efficient furnace isn’t just better at keeping your home comfortably warm. Because high efficiency is achieved by making sure that all of the furnace’s components work in perfect sync with other, they need fewer repairs and last longer too. Highly efficient furnaces typically come with longer warranties than those with less efficiency for dependable, long-lasting performance. 

Furnace manufacturers include specific features in their products that not only enhance energy efficiency but your comfort as well. A variable-speed fan motor, for example, can deliver a less forceful air flow when your home needs less heat. You’ll enjoy a consistent flow of warm air throughout your home and save money on your monthly energy bills too. As experts in home furnace installation in Atlanta, you can depend upon our HVAC technicians to help you choose the furnace features that will best suit your home’s specific heating needs.

Ensure Proper Furnace Installation

Ensuring that your new furnace is installed correctly is as important as choosing the right product. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an improper furnace installation can cut the energy efficiency of the product by as much as 30 percent. The EPA recommends that you choose an HVAC contractor who will size the system right, connect it to a sealed duct system and ensure adequate air flow.

To determine the correct equipment size, our experienced technicians analyze your home’s specific heating demands. The calculation takes into consideration factors like your home’s size, design and construction as well as its exposure to wind and sun. Our techs will also inspect your duct system and will measure air flow to make sure that the ductwork meets the specifications of the new furnace. If diagnostic tests reveal a leaky duct system, we can seal and insulate the ducts for you.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Every furnace system requires proper maintenance to keep it operating at peak energy efficiency. Regular maintenance prolongs the service life of the system and reduces the need for emergency repairs. Seasonal service visits include inspections of all the components of your furnace system as well as routine maintenance such as lubricating moving parts, cleaning the combustion chamber and performing diagnostic tests that ensure the furnace is running at optimum efficiency.

Because fuel-burning furnaces produce harmful substances during the combustion process, ensuring that dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide are ventilated properly is essential. Both the EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that homeowners have fuel-burning heating systems serviced annually to help prevent carbon monoxide exposure.

When purchasing a new furnace, it’s important to make sure that the HVAC contractor is equipped to analyze, maintain and repair the system. Our association with industry-leading trade organizations demonstrates our commitment to ensure that our technicians stay current with the industry’s latest products and technologies. Our goal is to install furnace products that offer the highest level of comfort at the lowest prices, a product that you can depend upon to keep your family warm and comfortable for many seasons to come.