Why SEER Ratings Matter When Choosing a New AC System for Your Atlanta, Georgia Home

Published on: June 22, 2012

When your home in Atlanta GA requires an AC system upgrade, we can complete the air conditioner assessment and installation. We recommend that you purchase a unit with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A high ranking will ensure that you have an environmentally friendly system.


SEER Ratings
When you need AC repair on your current system, consider purchasing a new unit with a high SEER rating instead of fixing your old device. Federal law determines the SEER ratings and the Department of Energy regulates the industry. Currently, every air conditioning unit has a rating. The calculation is measured by taking the total British Thermal Units, also known as BTU, of the cooling productivity emitted during a typical summer and multiplying it by the amount that each kilo-watt hour costs. This calculation will give you the average cost of a unit’s operation during the summer months.

The determination of a unit’s SEER rating takes place during a laboratory test in a controlled environment. With this method, the Department of Energy can fairly evaluate numerous devices as they work under the same conditions.

Keep in mind that a unit with a higher SEER rating will cost less to operate. If you should purchase a device with a higher rating, then your utility bills will be lower. We have the expertise to perform AC repair on any unit with an SEER rating.


Energy Savings with an SEER Rated Unit
If your current air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, consider calling us for a new air conditioner installation. In fact, with an SEER rating of 13, you can save from 24 to 30 percent each summer on cooling costs. With an existing unit that’s rated lower than SEER 10, you’ll receive even larger savings on your utility bills once you replace the system. During your next AC repair, we can review your device and give you its current SEER rating. With this information, you can then decide if an upgrade would be helpful.


Do You Need a High SEER rating?
As a resident of the southern section of the United States, you may want to consider purchasing an upgraded unit with a high SEER rating. For example, a unit with an SEER rating of 16 will be highly efficient. However, it will cost you more than a device with a lower rating. Furthermore, a device with this high of a rating may better serve a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Your home may be cooled effectively with a more affordable air conditioner that has a lower SEER rating.


Your Air Conditioning Needs
When you consider hiring our air conditioner installation service team, you should purchase a unit with the best SEER rating for your home and usage. In the northern United States, most families are one of two kinds of air conditioning users – standard or continuous. With standard use, families will utilize their unit when the temperature and humidity rises in their area. Continuous use occurs in more southern regions, where the thermostat’s temperature setting is consistent. When you require continuous use, you may need additional AC repair and maintenance.

An AC unit with a higher SEER rating is more expensive. When considering your cooling choices, be sure to review the potential return on investment. Take into account the length of time you’ll be living in your current home. If you don’t intend to move, then it may be cost-effective to purchase a larger AC unit with a higher SEER rating. Also, review and assess your current air conditioning usage. If you cool your home a lot, then a higher rated system will save you more in the long run.


SEER Ratings After the Installation of Your Unit
When your system isn’t cooling efficiently enough, you may need our AC repair service team to review your device. We can check your unit’s airflow to make sure it is providing enough pressure to create the required temperature reduction. Low air flow may be caused by ducts that are too small, a duct setup that reduces air movement or grille restrictions.

As we complete your air conditioner installation, we will review each of the system’s components to make sure it is working properly. We will also make sure that your unit is receiving the correct charge. When the setting on your AC unit’s charge is too high or too low, it could be affecting your device’s efficiency by up to 20 percent.

During an AC repair, we will check your system’s air ducts to make sure that they aren’t leaking and that the ducts are tight. Before we install a new air conditioning unit, we will make sure that you have purchased the correct size to cool your home properly and effectively.


As an Atlanta GA resident, the locale’s climate will surely encourage you to acquire our air conditioner repair and installation services.