Get Fast and Dependable Furnace Installation in Baldwin County

Published on: December 14, 2012

When your heating system fails you on a cold night in Baldwin County, it’s natural to want your new furnace installation to be completed quickly. A furnace installation that you can depend upon to keep your family comfortable for many cold nights to come is even more important. As a leading HVAC company for furnace installation in Baldwin County, we’re the company to call for fast and dependable service. Our professional HVAC technicians are trained to deliver exceptional results with the least amount of muss and fuss.

HVAC Service Standards

Since we’re a local company, our skilled HVAC technicians can recommend products that have a proven record of keeping homes and businesses in Baldwin County comfortable. With years of experience serving your neighborhood, our techs have furnace installation in Baldwin County down pat. Following a set protocol that never cuts corners or comprises on quality, our professional HVAC contractors will quickly:

  • Assess the heating needs of your home
  • Calculate the ideal system size
  • Inspect associated HVAC components
  • Ensure that the new product will provide you with comfort that exceeds your expectations

Whole-Home Assessment

For a furnace installation that you can depend upon for comfort without incurring sky-high energy bills, the specific heating requirements for your home must be accurately assessed. Our professional technicians will evaluate the size, level of insulation and overall design of your home, including window placement, to determine how well your home retains heat. Recommendations may be made that can increase your home’s energy efficiency, such as weather-stripping drafty windows. By reducing your home’s heat load, you may able to purchase a smaller-sized furnace system without sacrificing comfort.


System Size Calculations

For lasting comfort and long-term savings, a furnace must be sized right to meet your heating needs. A too-small system may have a lower purchase price but because it will need to run longer to reach set temperatures, upfront savings will quickly vanish due to high monthly energy bills. A too-big furnace will heat your home quickly but will cycle off just as fast. The result can be uncomfortable fluctuations in temperature and air that feels stuffy and stale. On-and-off operation also causes wear on system parts, leading to costly repairs down the road.

A reputable HVAC contractor will never use guesswork to determine system size. Once your household’s specific heating needs have been determined, our trained technicians will use an industry-standard formula to calculate the ideal system size. This formula determines how much energy is required to keep your home at a steady comfortable temperature. We’ll recommend the right-sized product with the right features for your home.


Whole-System Solutions

Fuel-burning furnaces generate byproducts during the combustion process that must be safely vented outside your home to protect your family from harmful substances like carbon monoxide. When installing a new furnace, it’s essential to ensure that existing components like the exhaust flue or chimney meet the new product’s specifications.

Existing ductwork will also be inspected to determine if the network of ducts will achieve the proper air flow after the furnace is installed. If leaks are found in the ductwork, you may wish to have our technicians seal and insulate them. Because improper sealing can lead to dangerous back drafts, experts recommended professional rather than DIY sealing. Our HVAC experts will also check supply registers and return air grilles to make sure that they’re sized right for the new furnace’s air flow.


Long-Term Savings

To maintain the energy efficiency and safety of your new furnace, regular maintenance is critical. A neglected furnace can develop leaks or obstructions that can allow harmful substances to enter your home’s living areas. Poorly maintained systems operate at decreased energy efficiency, driving up your fuel and energy bills. Scheduling preventative maintenance is an affordable and convenient way to get the most out of your new furnace over the long run. Seasonal inspections and service help prevent the need for future repairs and extend the service life of the product as well.


As an experienced local HVAC installation provider, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to replacing a failed heating system. We strive to complete every installation as quickly as possible while never compromising on quality. Call us today to schedule a fast furnace installation that you can depend on to keep your home warm for many cold nights to come.