Have a Professional Diagnose Your Heating System in Baldwin County

Published on: October 12, 2012

Climate conditions vary greatly through the year in Baldwin County AL, making it important to keep your cooling and heating system in good operating condition. Since your HVAC system controls both cooling and heating, it’s important to maintain it throughout the year in order to assure that your home will be comfortable during the most uncomfortable temperatures and weather events. While winters can be mild, there is the potential for freezing temperatures to occur. This makes it important to be sure that you have a functioning heating system in Baldwin County.


Because of economic conditions, many people are tempted to diagnose issues related to a heating system on their own. While there are some elements of diagnosis that can be accomplished without the help of a professional, it’s important to recognize that there are more serious situations that require professional assistance. Your preliminary diagnosis may help narrow the options in knowing what repairs are warranted. However, it’s wise to consult with a contractor for serious issues.

Developing a household routine in terms of maintaining your heating and cooling system can help you to notice problems before they become serious. Checking your air filter periodically is important for making sure that your system is not contaminated with mold. Humid conditions can facilitate mold growth, and dispersal of mold spores via your air ducts can be detrimental to your family’s health. Check your filter every month. Dirty filters should be replaced. Moldy filters should prompt you to contact a professional to service your heating system in Baldwin County.


You should test your heating system prior to cold weather setting in for the winter. Average low temperatures in Baldwin County AL drop into the 40s during November, and a mid-October test of your heating system can provide you with ample time to obtain repairs or service if there are problems. Test your heating system by turning it on at the thermostat. Make sure that the air circulated is actually heated. Check for consistent airflow in each room. Test on and auto functions of the thermostat. This is an excellent time to program your heater for specific temperatures and times. If you notice problems with any of these issues, it’s important to contact a contractor for further diagnosis. The last thing you want to do is ignore problems and later face a system failure during icy cold weather.


During the months in which you use your heating system more frequently, you can expect your energy costs to rise. However, an excessive spike in costs may be reason to enlist the help of a heating and cooling system contractor. Your service representative can perform an energy audit in order to assess issues like heat loss through leaky ducts, a poorly insulated attic or single pane windows. Some HVAC services can remedy these issues. Others require modifications to the home by other professionals. Your HVAC contractor can install insulation to limit heat loss. He can also perform duct sealing services. He may also recommend interventions that will limit heat loss at windows.


At any point during your testing or use of the system, it’s important to pay particular attention to unusual odors or sounds. At the beginning of the winter use of your heater, it isn’t unusual to notice a musty smell as dust clears from the ducts. However, if this lasts more than a couple of minutes or if there is a burning smell, it’s wise to contact a professional for diagnosis of the problem. Similarly, new sounds from your heat pump should be noted and discussed with a contractor. A preventive visit is much less expensive than a new heat pump, and your early attention to the matter may help you avoid a complete system failure.


If your system won’t operate when you turn it on, a professional diagnosis is essential. If this occurs during a routine test of the system, the need may not be urgent. You can consult with your contractor about needed repairs. You can also think about possible upgrades. Many energy efficient systems have been developed, and your contractor can help you in assessing the value of these for your household needs. Upgrading your system during moderate weather can protect you from inconveniences and discomforts that a winter system failure would cause.

If your system fails during the more extreme winter months, you will need to move quickly in order to get a repair or replacement handled. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain prompt service during these months because many experience the same issues in this time frame. A working relationship with a local company may lead to expedited assistance. However, if there will be a delay in service because of a heavy workload on the part of your contractor, then you need to make sure that your family is relocated to more comfortable accommodations.


It’s important to make sure that you select a reputable company to service your heating system in Baldwin County. Check online for suggestions and reviews related to your prospective contractor. You can also check with the company in order to find out whether it is licensed. It’s important to make sure that your diagnosis, repair and installation work is handled skillfully, and working with a reputable company is wise because of the importance of your HVAC system in maintaining a comfortable household.