Look for These Potential Problems with Your Heating System in Baldwin County

Published on: November 30, 2012

Your heating system in Baldwin County is a necessity to keep your family warm during the winter, so it is important for you to keep up with any potential problems that might be going on with your heating system. There are many different components to various heating systems, and different types of heating systems can also deal with different problems. If you don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with issues with your heater, you might have a difficult time figuring out what is wrong with your system, but a qualified technician knows what to look for. These are only a few of the many issues that can cause your heating system to quit working or to not work correctly.


Thermostat Issues

One common and inexpensive problem that Baldwin County AL home owners have to deal with is a thermostat issue. Thermostats can quit working at any time, and a faulty thermostat can make your heater stop functioning correctly. One of the first things you should look at when your heating system in Baldwin County stops working is your thermostat, so consider having an experienced heating technician take a look at it first. Fortunately, replacing your thermostat is surprisingly affordable and is often the source of heating issues.


Faulty Wiring

A bad connection or faulty wiring can cause your heating system to stop working, so it should be one of the first things that a technician looks at when troubleshooting your system. Not only can bad connections and faulty wiring make your heater stop working, but it can also pose a safety hazard due to potential electrical issues. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to have your electric work looked at by a qualified professional if you are having a problem with your system.


Strange Smell Coming from Your Vents

If you have ever noticed a strange smell coming from your vents after turning your heater on, the problem might be more serious than you think. Although this issue is very common and may not be serious, you should consider having your system looked at by a qualified professional to make sure that there are no issues with your unit, duct work or other components of your system.


Issues with Your Heating System Duct Work

Duct work problems can pose a lot of issues for your heater, so it is essential to have your ducts cleaned and checked on a regular basis. If your duct work is cleaned, it will allow your heater to work much more efficiently, and it can also cut down on the risk of fire and other problems. An experienced heating and air conditioning technician will know exactly how to clean your duct work for you, and he or she can check for any issues in the meantime.


Carbon Monoxide Issues

One dangerous thing that you should watch out for is carbon monoxide. Although most furnace systems are safe, some of them let out a dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide can be harmful or even deadly, so it is essential to monitor your system for these types of problems. An experienced heating technician can help ensure that your system doesn’t let out this dangerous substance, and you might want to consider having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home for maximum safety.


Clogged Filter

If you have not recently changed your filter, you should consider doing so if you are having issues with your system. An old filter can make it difficult for your system to function correctly and keep your home at a good temperature, and it can also cause your air to get dusty. Filters are inexpensive, and a technician can show you how to change it. After you have had your filter changed, you should make a point to change it once a month for best results.


Other Problems

The above problems are only a few of the simple problems that can cause issues with your heating system in Baldwin County. There are a lot of components to heating and air conditioning units, and gas or oil furnaces have different components and can have different issues from electric units. If your heater has quit working, is barely working or seems to be functioning in a different manner than usual, you should take the situation very seriously.

Putting off having your heater fixed can cause even more problems. Some issues are minor, but others can get increasingly serious if they are ignored. Your heater will also not be able to operate at full capacity if you have issues with your system, meaning that your utility bills could go up and you could have a difficult time keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Your heater could even quit working when you least expect it if you don’t address these issues as soon as possible. Therefore, it is imperative to contact an experienced heating and air conditioning technician in Baldwin County AL as soon as possible.


In many cases, an experienced technician can assess any problems with your system and complete the repairs. In some cases, however, it would be beneficial to replace your system rather than have it fixed. In this situation, your technician can give you an accurate estimate of how much a new system will cost, and he or she can also tell you about labor costs and other expenses.