Schedule a Local Heating Contractor in Baldwin County

Published on: December 28, 2012

When you schedule with a heating contractor in Baldwin County, it’s important to choose someone who is familiar with the area’s needs related to climate conditions and construction issues. As locals who have spent many years caring for the comprehensive HVAC needs of customers in our community, we provide extensive experience in addressing your heating concerns. You can contact us today to discuss your needs.

We keep up with the latest trends in our trade, many of which are especially relevant to the humid Baldwin County environment. We are up to date with our licenses and certifications, and we work with a number of equipment manufacturers to provide you with the most effective solutions for your home or commercial property.

New Heating Installation

Whether you are in the design or installation phase related to your property, a heating contractor can provide helpful information about current innovations in heating equipment. While our average low temperatures in the winter are rather mild, we have experienced record lows that dip below freezing. A reliable heating system is important, and an efficient system makes a lot of sense. However, it is important to realize that more efficient equipment can be more costly. We can help you find a good system that provides economical operation and affordable purchase and installation costs. 

Replacing Old Equipment

If your previous heating system has failed or is inefficient, working with a local heating contractor will allow you to find the perfect replacement unit. We will do a load calculation in order to determine the type of equipment needed. We will help you explore those systems most consistent with your budget. If it’s an unexpected replacement, we can help you look for ways to trim costs through consumer incentives. In some cases, manufacturers may even provide financing options.

If cost is not a huge factor in choosing your new heater, we can provide you with a variety of innovative designs that are especially great for the region. A hybrid system is an excellent choice because of our varied winter temperatures. The electric-powered heat pump in such a unit is responsible for heating your building on milder days while the gas-powered furnace takes over when weather conditions get harsh. You will appreciate the best of both types of heating equipment with such a selection.

Air Quality and Home Heating

We are very excited about some of the unique air quality systems that have been developed in recent years. While the region is generally humid, your winter heating may cause you to experience extremely dry conditions in your home or business. An effective heating system can seem to suck nearly all moisture from the air. Humidification systems can replace this moisture and make your environment more comfortable. This is great for alleviating cracked skin and static electricity problems. You can find a humidifying furnace to address this need. There are also separate humidifiers that can work in conjunction with your central air.

Air purification systems can also benefit your home during months of heating. If you worry about the spread of cold and flu germs, you will definitely want to consult with your heating contractor about the options available. UV lights that kill bacteria and mold on your coils are also valuable developments that warrant your attention. The humid nature of the region can facilitate mold growth, and eliminating mold and bacteria from your coils will also help keep it from circulating in your home.

Is a Replacement Necessary?

You may simply need to consult with a heating contractor to evaluate the condition of your existing equipment. Your heating system will eventually need to be replaced if you stay in your home or building for any length of time. However, you can get as many as 20 years of service from a furnace. It’s important to evaluate the cost of operating your older system and the savings to be experienced with new equipment. We can help you with an overview of what to expect from your current equipment so that you can begin to plan for a replacement.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

We provide a variety of diagnostic services. Some are based on the need for repairs while others are used to head off repairs. For example, we can do an annual fall tune-up to make sure that your heating equipment is operating correctly. As we adjust moving parts, fittings and belts, we can check for cracks and leaks that might make your heater less efficient. We can determine if there are parts that need to be replaced. You can often avoid a mid-winter problem by having this seasonal service performed. We can also do energy audits to assess problems your home may have with energy loss related to your HVAC system. We will provide you with a report of our findings along with recommended services, repairs or adjustments.