Three Tips to Help Reduce Your Ac and Water Heating Costs

Published on: May 2, 2012

Reducing your air conditioner and water heater costs does not have to begin with an ac installation. By performing air conditioner service and maintenance on your HVAC system and water heater, your energy bills will be lower. These tips are affordable and the energy savings will pay for their costs over time.


Digital thermostats are accurate and allow the owner complete control of their HVAC system. Install one during your next air conditioner service and maintenance project or have an ac installation company install one for you. The energy savings often pays for these units in one or two months. You can program the system to raise or lower the temperature during different parts of the day for maximum savings. If you go on vacation, you can program the unit to maintain the house at a basic temperature until you return.


Maintaining the HVAC system will save money on the energy bill immediately. Cleaning the drain line and replacing or cleaning the filter every month will also help reduce energy costs. Having the ducting system inspected and maintained on an annual basis will provide both energy savings and health benefits for you and your family. An air conditioner installation company can perform this task during a routine ac service and maintenance visit. The technician will:

• Inspect the inside and the outside of the ducts.
• Use a special brush to remove dust, dirt and other debris from the inside of the ducts.
• Use a vacuum to remove the material while keeping the house clean.
• Seal the inside of the ducts with a special coating that prevents bacterial, mold and fungal growth.
• Repair any leaks in the ducts.
• Replace or repair any insulation around the ducts.


You and your family will enjoy cleaner air from the start. The HVAC system will deliver all your heated or cooled air to you. It will not have to work harder to compensate for loss.


Your water heater can be maintained by an ac service and maintenance company. You can perform certain tasks to save energy on water heating bills. These tasks include:

• Wrapping the tank with an insulation blanket.
• Draining and rinsing the inside of the tank to remove any buildup of minerals or scale.
• Replacing the anode rod.
• Resetting the temperature to 120º.
• Taking shorter showers.
• Purchasing washing machines and dishwashers that heat their own water.
• Installing low- flow shower heads.
• Installing a shower head with a timer.


These tips will help existing systems run more efficiently and save money. Of course, having an ac installation company install Energy Star certified systems during your next ac service and maintenance visit will bring the greatest savings. Energy Star certified HVAC systems and water heaters also qualify for energy rebates and tax incentives. The air conditioner installation representative will be happy to help you identify and apply for them. He or she will also help you to choose the right HVAC system and water heater with the highest efficiency ratings for your home and budget. Through the incentives and energy savings, the systems will pay for themselves over time.