Top 5 Tips About Home Heating for Your Baldwin County AL Home

Published on: September 28, 2012

Living in Baldwin County places you in one of the more unique environments in the country. From a climate standpoint, you may be pleased by the moderate temperatures throughout the year. Summer highs average little more than 90 degrees while winter lows rarely dip below 40 degrees. Home heating Baldwin County Al issues might seem almost nonexistent in that the winter averages are so mild. You might even consider not having a home heating system. However, the safety issues associated with space heaters make it a wise choice to design your home with a comprehensive HVAC system. There are several important points to consider when thinking about home heating issues in Baldwin County, AL.

Because it’s less common to need to extensively use y our home heating system, you may be unaware of your heating habits when you use it. Keeping costs down can be important, though, and overuse of your system may lead to unexpected hikes in your energy bill. If your system is already in place, it’s important to monitor your use when temperatures are chilly. Natural gas tends to be much less expensive for heating than electricity, so designing a new home for the area should be done with this in mind. If you are able to convert your system, then this will limit your costs during chilly weather. If you don’t have the option of deciding which power source your home heating system will employ, you are still able to take conservation steps in order to limit waste and costs. Simple actions like making sure that doors are closed can limit costs. Setting your thermostat a little lower and using warm bedding and clothing indoors can also limit the extent to which you run the home heating system.

If your home heating Baldwin County Al use seems to lead to excessively high energy costs in spite of conservation efforts, you can enlist the help of an HVAC company in the area in order to conduct an assessment of your home energy efficiency. Your home may have structural issues that can be remedied. You may have some simple upgrade options that will lead to better efficiency. This will help you with both home heating and cooling because many of the same issues affect both extremes in temperature. It’s important to be sure that the HVAC company you select has training and experience in performing energy audits. It’s also wise to make sure that your contractor is licensed with state and local authorities so that you know you are dealing with a company that is legitimate and operating with integrity.

Insulation can limit your need for using your home heating system. While you may have insulation in place, your HVAC professional can verify the rating and efficiency of your current insulation. Many HVAC companies also work to install insulation. With modern options like spray foam, you may find that old insulation can be easily and effectively replaced in order to limit heat exchange in the attic. This will improve your Baldwin County home heating issues, as well as your cooling.

Ductwork can lead to inefficient heating in your home. It’s wise to have your ductwork evaluated if you notice that some rooms heat more thoroughly than others. If your home is unevenly heated, sealing of your ducts can be an excellent means of improving this consistency. Additionally, this will limit overuse of your system and help in extending its life.

Keeping track of issues with your HVAC system can be easy to forget. Home heating maintenance questions may lead you to find that your HVAC company offers an annual maintenance program that will assure that simple tasks are completed on a schedule. Your filters can be checked, heating condition checked in advance of winter lows, air conditioning evaluated before seasonal highs, and other needed concerns investigated. Your maintenance contract can equip you with annual information about the latest technology for conserving energy through your HVAC system. Your maintenance contract can also be created to include periodic energy audits. While most people think about contacting a service when there is trouble, your work with a trusted company on a regular basis can help you avoid trouble with your system.