Understanding Your Baldwin County, AL Heating & AC System

Published on: March 8, 2012

Living in an area such as Baldwin County AL you understand the importance of having an air conditioning and heating system that is well functioning. We all know the basic functions of an air conditioning and heating system is to keep your home at a comfortable and level temperature. However, your air conditioning and heating system is much more complex than that. As a leading HVAC Baldwin County, AL service company, we believe that the best customer is an educated customer. Here is a deeper look at understanding your home’s air conditioning and heating system.


Responsible for keeping the air inside your home cleaner. Your home’s air conditioning and heating system plays a major role in the air quality inside your Baldwin County, AL home. Through the circulation of air and removal of allergens, the air you and your family breathe is both safe and pure. The system uses an intricate process to bring air into your home and funnel it out for proper circulation.


Removes moisture from the air. Your home’s air conditioning and heating system is responsible for removing the excess moisture from the air that enters into your home. In addition to keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature, the elimination of moisture keeps the humidity levels inside your home in line. Uncontrolled humidity causes mold growth and structural damage over time. Mold growth is one of the leading causes for home repair.


Responsible for giving homeowners control to regulate temperatures. As the seasons change in Baldwin County, AL, homeowners are able to control their comfort and the way their home feels. As the most basic function of a heating and air conditioning system, through the use of a thermostat, this is made possible. You can’t control the air outside your Baldwin County AL home, but you can definitely control the air inside, making your home the comfortable haven from the outside elements that it should be.