Could You Save Money Using a Programmable Thermostat in Your Brunswick Home?

Published on: February 22, 2012

A programmable thermostat will help any air conditioner and heating system save money in Brunswick, GA. The owner programs in the temperature he or she desires during the day while everyone is home. The next step is to program a nighttime temperature, either higher in the summer or lower in the winter for maximum savings. The HVAC system will automatically adjust the temperatures during this time.


When the kids go to school and the owners go to work, the system will maintain a “nobody’s home” temperature. The air conditioner and heating system will bring the temperature to the next chosen temperature so everyone is comfortable upon returning home. Brunswick, GA homeowners can also set the system for weekends and vacations.


Several models are available on the market. Some have two temperature settings per day and others have several. A simple battery operates a digital display screen. Brunswick, GA, homeowners program the date and time into the thermostat, select the desired temperatures, times and dates. The thermostat will operate the air conditioner and heating system on its own.


Older mercury thermostats are notoriously inefficient. If the Brunswick, GA home has one, it should be replaced immediately. Even if they were installed and leveled, they can be several degrees off. This makes the air conditioner and heating system keep the house either too cold or hot. Higher utility bills result from the inefficiency. The programmable thermostat does not need to be installed level. Be certain to dispose of the mercury thermostat in accordance with state laws.


Most programmable thermostats can be installed as a DIY project. The sight of so many wires can be intimidating to any Brunswick, GA homeowner. Local air conditioner and heating system companies have technicians that can install the thermostat in a few minutes. He or she will be happy to help the customer with programming and maintenance of the unit.


Savings on the utility bill will be seen in the first month of operation, especially if the unit is a replacement for a mercury switch thermostat. Over time, the savings will pay for the thermostat. It will continue to save the homeowner money for its lifetime.