How a Professional Energy Evaluation Benefits Your Brunswick AL Home

Published on: July 20, 2012

Anyone who has lived in the southern United States can tell you, the weather in places such as Brunswick, AL is among the most unforgiving climates in the entire country. Brunswick, AL has unbearably humid summers and surprisingly cold winters. This means that a proper and functioning air conditioning unit must be available at all times for the comfort and health of those living in the home.


Having a proper air conditioning maintenance done on a regular schedule keeps leaks and clogs in an air conditioning system from becoming a budget breaker or a health hazard. These checks can also be known as a home energy audit.

A home energy audit is one of the best investments that a homeowner (or even a renter who is responsible for the energy bill) can make in his or her living space. For a nominal upfront cost, a home energy audit can save a person from much more expensive air conditioning maintenance in response to an unchecked problem down the road.


Here are some ways in which a professional home energy audit will directly improve your quality of life.


It saves you money.

The nominal sum that you spend on a home energy audit is paid back to you in spades if the audit finds any leaks or malfunctions in your system. If you detect leaks early on and have the maintenance performed to fix those problems early, you can keep your energy costs down.

Leaks in your air conditioning system means that the “conditioned” air that should be in your house is leaking into your ceiling and walls. As a result, you must adjust your thermostat more to achieve the same temperature change. This costs more money, and in a volatile climate like the southern United States, the expenses can accrue quite rapidly.

Audits and air conditioning maintenance can increase your indoor air quality.

If you have not performed air conditioning maintenance in a while, odds are that you are not breathing the clean air you need to in order to stay in good health. AC units naturally deteriorate if they are not maintained, and they catch all sorts of particles and bacteria from the air that is being conditioned.

A home energy audit can help you determine if the cleanliness of the air you are breathing is in line with current health standards. If it is not, you can easily get your air quality up to code if you know exactly what you are dealing with.


An audit can keep you from getting sick.

An air conditioning unit that does not receive an audit and routine air conditioning maintenance can actually speed up the transmission of diseases and allergens. However, if you keep your air conditioning unit up to date, you can actually increase your health by increasing the ability of your unit to stop allergens and bacteria from getting into your living space.


An audit provides you with peace of mind.

The comfort level in your home is just as important for your health as the air quality. With a routine audit, you can rest assured that the health of your AC unit is in prime condition. You will know with certainty whether or not leaks in your AC unit are what is causing the weird noises you hear at night. If the indoor air quality is not quite up to code, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to fix that problem.

Few things are more important than knowing exactly what you need to do in order to improve your quality of life. By calling for and receiving a routine audit of your air conditioning unit, you will possess the knowledge that will allow you to improve that quality of life, as well as the quality of the air inside your home.