How to Find Reliable Heating Contractors in Brunswick

Published on: November 30, 2012

If you had your heater serviced last winter and are now facing another problem, it can be frustrating. Reliable heating contractors in Brunswick are important in making sure that your system is fixed correctly this time. The winter in Brunswick GA can be chilly, and making sure that your heater is functioning is important for ensuring the wellbeing of your family. There are a few important steps to take in tracking down a reputable company for your repair work.

One of the most important steps you can take is examining the owner’s materials related to your system. Your system may be under warranty. If you were in the home when your current heater was installed, then you probably have the owner’s manual and related receipts. Examine the date of installation and the warranty period and terms. If your system is still covered, follow the directions given in order to obtain service. Your system manufacturer will probably identify authorized heating contractors in Brunswick that are acceptable for needed service. Your costs may be limited if you use authorized heating contractors, and ignoring this simple issue and using different heating contractors than those provided may void your warranty.

If you don’t have relevant paperwork for your system, you can still explore your unit for brand information. It is worthwhile to contact heating contractors who specialize in servicing your brand. A company that is familiar with your brand may be able to determine the age of your unit based on model numbers or other identifying information on the system. Although you might not have the original manual, astute heating contractors may be able to save you money by verifying the warranty period on your system. They are also likely to have the best information available about known problems commonly encountered with your heat pump or furnace. If a recall has been issued for your system, an authorized repair company will have the most relevant information about the problem.

If you aren’t able to find a contractor for your brand, you can still take a number of important steps in finding a reputable and reliable service provider to repair your heater. One of the most important concerns is licensing. As you explore the listings of heating contractors in Brunswick, you should look for the mention of license numbers in their advertisements. Whether your research is online or over the phone, it’s easy to ask about license numbers. A reputable company will provide their license number without difficulty. Working with a licensed contractor provides you with some consumer protections. There is oversight by contractor’s boards and governmental agencies, making it possible to file complaints when you obtain poor service or when you encounter unethical business practices.

Your need for a contractor may be urgent. It’s important to realize that if your system failure has occurred during a severe weather event, you will be one of many people needing service. Make sure that your family is safe, and if your home can’t be serviced right away, arrange for alternative accommodations until your heater can be fixed. Let your repair company in Brunswick GA know if you have very young children or elderly family members who are affected by the situation. They may be able to prioritize your service based on this information.

It’s easy to think that because your system has been repaired recently that you are fine for the coming year. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. After a system failure and repair, make it a point to check your heater before winter arrives in future years. Taking time to diagnose your own system will enable you to make sure that everything is working well just before cold weather arrives. A repair is often limited to fixing the current problem. It may not include further diagnosis of your system, and there may still be vulnerabilities that will surface later.

A mid-autumn check of your system should include changing the filter, setting the thermostat and running the heater for a few minutes. This will allow you to notice additional problems like poor airflow or presence of mold. Of course, a lack of heat is an obvious indicator of repair needs. Poor airflow and evidence of mold on your filter are less major but are worthy of professional attention. Even if these issues aren’t present, you can enlist the help of a heating company in Brunswick GA to perform an overall evaluation of the health of your HVAC system so that you can be certain that there aren’t any obvious vulnerabilities as you head toward winter.

If your system is older, your contractor can make suggestions for newer and more energy-efficient models. There are often incentives available from manufacturers, and working with a reliable contractor who is authorized to represent your brand may provide you with valuable information about special deals. HVAC specialists are also often familiar with current rebates and tax incentives for upgrading your system to an energy-saving model. It’s helpful to schedule such services before winter temperatures arrive so that you can be sure that everything is ready and working for the cold weather season.