How to Fix Your HVAC Unit in Brunswick

Published on: October 26, 2012

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with home ownership, especially where maintenance of major household systems is involved. It’s never convenient to have an appliance or system fail, and when budgets are stretched to the limit, it can be tempting to look for alternatives to calling a repair company. Some people look for do-it-yourself tutorials. Others try to make do without that system operating. When it’s your HVAC unit that has failed, it’s tough to ignore the need for repair, especially given the climate of Brunswick GA.

The hot sticky summers in Brunswick GA can be uncomfortable, and not having a functioning HVAC unit can pose potential hazards to your family. Winter temperatures may not be quite as severe, but it’s tough to make it through without the use of a functioning heating system. It’s unwise to let repairs wait.

Those who look for do-it-yourself solutions run the risk of making problems worse. Online tutorials are not always reliable, and trying to diagnose and repair a complicated system can lead to incorrect work. Further, misdiagnosis may lead to your fixing something that wasn’t even in need of repair. While it may seem costly to call a professional, the reality is that not making that call for service can be even more expensive. Unless you have professional training and experience in working with electrical equipment, particularly HVAC units, you should defer to the expertise of a contractor.

Finding the right contractor to fix your HVAC unit in Brunswick isn’t difficult. However, you should adhere to some specific criteria in making a selection. It’s always best to choose a company that specializes in HVAC unit repair and installation. Some might consider a general handyman for repair services in order to save money. However, this may lead to incorrect diagnosis and repair. It’s much better to select a company that is familiar with your system and its brand so that you can be assured of competent service.

If your home is covered by a home warranty, then it’s especially important to follow the warranty guidelines in obtaining service for your system. Each warranty is unique, and the responsibility rests with a homeowner to read and follow the directions related to HVAC repairs. Contacting your warranty company will allow you to be sure that you select an approved contractor.

Selecting a licensed contractor in Brunswick GA is wise. Those companies that comply with licensing laws demonstrate accountability to their customers. Licenses provide oversight and quality controls that are not in place for unlicensed repair companies. It’s also helpful to review the reputation of your prospective company. Check online in order to assess customer opinions. Contact oversight organizations in your area in order to check for complaints or problems.

Timing of the malfunction of your HVAC unit can play a huge role in your selection of a contractor. If your system fails during a severe weather event such as a heat wave or cold snap, you will want to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there can be excessive problems throughout the area. Extreme conditions can stress older systems, and service calls rise as a result. These are the times that it becomes most tempting to do your own repair work or to call a general repair service. However, if you want your HVAC unit in Brunswick fixed correctly, you need to work with an HVAC contractor. Make sure that your family is safe. In some cases, that may mean relocating for a couple of days as you wait for repairs to be completed. Emphasize special circumstances in order to let your contractor know that there are children or elderly family members who will be adversely affected by the system failure.

Most homeowners don’t think about repair strategies until an actual system malfunction. However, it’s always sensible to research companies in advance of an actual need so that you have contact information recorded for quick and easy access. Contractors are available throughout the year, and a diagnostic call can help you obtain a basic understanding of how your system is operating and how long you should expect it to last. Some companies provide maintenance program options so that customers can have their systems serviced and inspected throughout the year. This can help in catching problems early. This type of service can also enable you to obtain a quick response in the event of a malfunction.

Your contractor can provide additional services in helping you make the most of your current system. He can evaluate the energy efficiency of your home, making recommendations for upgrades and repairs that can limit energy loss. Energy loss can lead to your HVAC system having to work harder, shortening its lifespan. Insulation, duct sealing, window coverings, ceiling fans and reflective roof coatings can each play a part in extending the life of your current unit while limiting your energy expenses.

If your system is older, you may want to discuss the possibility of replacing it with an energy efficient HVAC unit in Brunswick. There have been many advances in the industry, and it’s possible to save significantly on your bills by having a new system installed. Working with a contractor who specializes in the installation of energy efficient units can be advantageous in that he will be able to provide you with the most current information and options available. He can also update you on current systems that are eligible for rebates or tax credits.