Let us Schedule your Home Heating in Brunswick

Published on: December 28, 2012

Reliable home heating in Brunswick, Georgia is a must to get through the cooler winter season. If your furnace or heat pump isn’t working like it should, you need to contact one of our home heating companies in Brunswick to troubleshoot the problem. Our local home heating companies offer both emergency and routine repair services. You can also call on us to install a new furnace or heat pump and provide preventative maintenance tune-ups. If you are interested in improving your indoor air quality or lowering your energy costs, our HVAC contractors offer indoor air quality evaluations and home energy audits. Our heating and cooling providers are even licensed to provide plumbing and electrical work.

Getting a Cost Estimate from a Local HVAC Dealer

Before you schedule an appointment for routine repairs, ask about receiving a free estimate for parts and labor. Our heating and cooling companies offer free estimates as a courtesy to their customers. Some companies provide them over the telephone or Internet and others come to your home or business to write the estimate. You may be able to get a more accurate estimate by having a service technician evaluate the work that needs to be done in person. Another difference in how estimates are written is that some HVAC dealers use a flat rate billing system and others charge an hourly rate. As its name indicates, a flat rate means that the price you are quoted is how much you will pay. It doesn’t matter if the repair work takes longer or shorter than anticipated. If you receive an hourly rate estimate, your final bill may be different than the original price quote.

Scheduling an Appointment for Repairs

Once you have decided which company to hire, the next step is to schedule an appointment. You won’t have to wait more than a day or two for one of our technicians to come to your home or business, even if your need isn’t pressing. Our service technicians will be able to repair all makes and models of heating equipment. After the repair is completed, our technician will spend a few minutes explaining to you what was done and how you can prevent the same issue from happening again in the future.

Emergency Repair Services

Eventually, most home and business owners face an emergency with their heating equipment. The unit may not turn on at all or you may be concerned that there is a dangerous gas leak. At times like these, you need a reliable HVAC company that provides emergency service at all hours. Our local companies do have a technician on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Installing a New Heating System

Whether you are building a home and need heating equipment installed for the first time or need to replace an inefficient unit, you need to select your installation technician carefully. This is too important a task to leave to someone who is inexperienced. When you schedule your furnace installation appointment, be sure to ask about the credentials of the technicians who will be working at your home or business. If they have received certification from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program, this is a good sign. NATE is the most respected technician training program in the entire HVAC industry.

It can be difficult to know when to replace a heating system that has become inefficient. One way to help you decide is to calculate how much money you have spent on repairs and upkeep of your current unit over the past year. If the costs are increasing despite your best efforts to be energy efficient, you would be better off replacing your current heating system. This is especially true if your heating system was installed prior to 2000. There have been mandatory energy efficiency standards put into place since that time that could dramatically impact the quality of your heating system.

Preventative Maintenance Makes All the Difference

Unexpected repair bills for your furnace or heat pump can be very frustrating. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of this happening to you by enrolling in our annual preventative maintenance program. Our HVAC companies offer service contracts to their customers to help them keep their HVAC equipment running as efficiently as possible. When you purchase an annual service contract, you receive a heating system tune-up in the fall, an air conditioner tune-up in the spring, discounts on future parts and labor and priority scheduling.

During your preventative maintenance appointment, our service technician goes through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that the equipment is functioning at its best. If any problems are spotted, they will notate that in your service report. You then have the opportunity to schedule a repair appointment while the problem is still minor. Regular tune-ups have been proven to extend the lifespan of heating and cooling equipment as well as lower monthly operating costs. You should also notice that the heat in your home or business is more consistently comfortable than it was prior to the tune-up.