Preventative Maintenance Benefits No Homeowner Can Afford To Miss

Published on: August 16, 2012

In order to keep your home’s indoor temperatures comfortable, you most likely have an HVAC unit. With complex heating and cooling systems, you will need air conditioning maintenance to ensure the unit’s longevity.


Schedule Your Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

You can prevent AC repair by making sure your unit receives preventative maintenance. You should base your unit’s annual upkeep needs upon its use. If your climate necessitates year-round use of your HVAC unit, then your AC system will require maintenance in the spring prior to your summer needs. Additionally, you should maintain your unit in the fall before the cold winter months triggers an increase in demand on your device.

When you have our AC repair company check your HVAC system prior to seasonal use, we will proactively detect and repair small problems before they turn into large ones, which will prevent uncomfortable temperature disruption in your home.


Preventative Maintenance Tips

If the power company disconnects power to your HVAC unit, then you should wait 24 hours after the power comes back on to reactivate your system. By waiting, you’ll give your unit’s compressor plenty of time to warm up and work properly.

When you set your thermostat, try to keep it at a consistent temperature, and make sure you change or clean your system’s air filters regularly. It’s a good idea to check the device monthly, which will allow you to catch a dirty filter before it creates a problem with your unit. Also, do not allow home debris to block ducts or vents. By ensuring your vents remain clear, your home’s air will flow easily throughout your residence.

If your home has an upper level, then open the air vents on your second floor to 75 percent and open the remaining vents in your home to 100 percent. With this vent placement, you can help your home’s temperature remain level.

You should consider adding an attic fan as this step will push the hot air out of your attic and reduce the workload of your air conditioning unit. Another maintenance measure you can complete is the removal of exterior debris around your unit. Exterior debris includes leaves, grass trimmings and weeds. Also, avoid planting tall shrubs and plants around your HVAC system.


DIY Cleaning Process

During your routine air conditioner maintenance, you must clean the device. Your unit should be free of dirt, and you should eliminate debris from your system’s moving parts. You should inspect and clean the drain pans along with the drain hole. When you review the drain hole, you’ll want to make sure the hole is free of clogs.

Another area to focus your cleaning efforts on is the fan and the motor. You should remove debris from the fan blades and the moving elements of the motor. Be sure to inspect your unit’s electrical boxes and components along with the breakers and contact areas.


Consequences of Forgetting Preventative Maintenance

When you forget to complete or schedule air conditioning maintenance, you’ll have higher utility bills, reduced home comfort and early unit replacement. Your system will also run less efficiently, and you’ll face more expensive AC repair.


Professional Preventative Maintenance

When you contact our company for air conditioning maintenance, we will inspect your thermostat and make necessary adjustments. We will oil your system’s moving elements and inspect the voltage. An essential component of your HVAC unit is the evaporator coil, which our staff will assess and clean.

We will check your air filter and change or clean the device. Our experts will also check your system’s wiring along with its electrical sections. Other areas of maintenance include your unit’s belts, which can suffer from wear and tear. Once our maintenance team arrives to complete upkeep on your unit, you will receive a ductwork inspection in addition to a review of the duct design. We will test your system’s refrigerant levels as an incorrect charge may cause compressor issues such as icing up or wear due to an extensive workload.


Cost Savings of Preventative Maintenance

When you contact our AC repair department for preventative maintenance, you’ll have significant money savings over the years. For example, if you have an intricate system that you paid $10,000 for initially with lifetime maintenance costs that are also $10,000 and the system lasts for 10 years, then you would wind up spending $20,000.

Without maintenance, your unit may fail after just five years, which will force you to buy another unit at a cost of $10,000. If you continue to avoid preventative maintenance, then you’ll end up purchasing another new device in five years. Therefore, you will end up spending $30,000 to heat and cool your home.


After you contact our AC repair team to complete air conditioning maintenance, you can feel confident that your HVAC unit will keep your home comfortable while saving you money.