Air Conditioning Repair In Your Macon, GA Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

The need for air conditioning repair in Macon, GA could be mitigated or eliminated with proper maintenance of the HVAC system. Checking, cleaning or replacing the filters, keeping the drain lines clear, cleaning the drain pan and servicing the motor all work to keep the unit running efficiently.

Routine maintenance often catches a minor problem before it turns into a major repair. Clean or replace the filter on a routine basis. Most air conditioning repair companies recommend this be done once or twice during the season. If the homeowner has pets, it should be done more frequently. In places with heavy pollen such as Macon, GA, this would be a good idea as well. Check the drain line to keep it from becoming clogged. A cup of bleach poured into the drain line helps to eliminate algae growth. Clear the drain pan of any debris. Check the oil in the motor if it is accessible and fill if necessary. Note the condition of any belts and replace if needed.

The ducting system should be checked on a yearly basis by an air conditioning repair company. Air leaking from the ducts causes the system to work harder and drives up utility costs. It also adversely affects the attic insulation and the roof. In the winter, moist warm air soaks the insulation, causing it to pack down, mold and rot. It is absorbed by the roof decking and rafters, causing mold, and making plywood delaminate. In Macon, GA, this can cause a roof to fail.

If a repair is needed, the air conditioning repair technician will diagnose the problem and discuss it with the homeowner. He or she will explain the parts needed, the procedure for the repair, and the costs involved. Any questions the homeowner has will be answered before any work begins. The technician will be happy to show the homeowner how to maintain the unit once repairs are completed.

It makes sense to have the most efficiently operating HVAC system in Macon, GA. The system will cool or heat, clean and dehumidify the air to keep it healthy and comfortable.