Benefits of New Heating Systems for Your Macon GA Home

Published on: September 28, 2012

Macon GA is not known for the ease of its summers or winters. The entire Southern United States is well known to destroy many a heating system from overwork. The humidity and the consistently hot temperatures cause air conditioning systems that are not properly prepared to break down, causing a great deal of expense and unnecessary discomfort for home owners.

Many of the problems that the weather causes can actually be completely eliminated by getting a new heating system in Macon GA. New heating systems have many updated technologies that older systems simply do not have. Also, the more efficient way in which new heating systems are constructed save energy as well as create a more efficient air containment system, cutting down on the number of repairs that a homeowner will need over the life of an air conditioning unit.

Below are just a few of the benefits of investing in a new heating system in Macon GA.

One – Energy efficient systems are now the norm.

Before the current generation of new heating system in Macon GA, energy efficiency was something to be avoided. Those two words meant that the air conditioning system would not be powerful enough to actually counteract the weather. Energy efficiency was contingent on the power of the unit, and if a unit was marked as “efficient,” it simply meant that it did not deliver the amount of power that it needed to in order to properly condition a living space. You might save money on your heating and cooling bill at the end of the month, but you would live in a miserable environment as a punishment.

Now energy efficiency means something completely different: the more efficient makeup of the actual system. New energy efficient systems provide the same amount of power to a living space; it is just delivered in a more efficient way. New systems use new refrigeration chemicals and shorter passageways with better metals that eliminate condensation and mold build up.

Two – Multi filter systems give you cleaner air and a more efficient air conditioning system.

As the first barrier between you and the contaminants in the naked outside air, your air conditioning filter controlled the indoor air quality that you were breathing on a regular basis. However, updated filters have created an even greater ability for air conditioning systems to clean up your indoor air.

New filtration systems now do not rely on just one filter to lay hold to all contaminants in the outside air. Multi filter systems now have many filters, each of which is dedicated to eliminating as much of one type of contaminant as possible. This means that the pollen agents, which are of different sizes and textures than the viruses in your air, will now populate your indoor air in much sparser quantities.

This has implications beyond the cleanliness of your air and the health of those inside of your living space. Cleaner air is easier for an air conditioning system to recirculate. This improves the efficiency and the life of the air conditioning unit overall. It also cuts down on the workload on the compressor and gives you less of a heating bill to worry about at the end of the month.

Three – Dual compressor systems give your air conditioner the power that it needs without the work overload.

In the old single compressor systems, air conditioners quickly became overworked because of humid conditions or extreme changes in temperature. These conditions are common in places like Macon, so single compressor systems were often taxed beyond their limits. This can quickly put a strain on the budget of a homeowner who has to tend to the repairs of such a system.

Dual compressor systems do much to split the workload of an air conditioning system between two hubs, allowing for each to stay within its limits while providing the same amount of power to the conditioning of your indoor air. Extreme weather conditions and quick changes no longer give the air conditioner system so much work that it will break down without warning.