Good, Better, Best. Which Air Filter Should You Use for Your Macon Home?

Published on: February 22, 2012

Ask any air conditioner and heater owner in Macon, GA what type of filter is the best for an HVAC system in the home and chances are you will get more than one answer. This vital item is too often overlooked in any home. Changing or cleaning the HVAC filter on a routine basis will help keep the unit operating efficiently. Choosing the right filter for the home and system is paramount and can save money over time.

A charcoal filter is often used in places where odor may be a concern. Pet odors, smoking, chemicals and other odors are filtered by activated charcoal. The air conditioner and heater filter can be made any size to fit any unit. It will also remove mold spores, pollens, animal dander and much more. Any home in Macon, GA will benefit from this type of filter.


Electrostatic filters are made for any type of air conditioner and heater. The filters create static electricity that attracts dust and other particles from the air. They create less airflow restriction into the unit because they tend to be thinner than other filters. Pet owners in Macon, GA, will see less pet hair on the walls, experience less dander in the air and cleaner air overall.


Pleated paper filters create more surface area to capture dust, molds, pollens and other allergens from the air. While many brands and sizes are made to fit any air conditioner and heater, they must be replaced instead of cleaned. They are relatively inexpensive and manufactured by several different companies. Macon, GA, homeowners can find them in most DIY stores or big box stores.


An air conditioner and heater owner in Macon, GA, can save money by purchasing a lifetime filter. These are available from different manufacturers. They work by capturing particles in several layers of nylon webbing. The owner takes the filter outside and cleans it by blasting it with the garden hose according to the directions. The filter is allowed to dry thoroughly before it is replaced in the unit. This filter saves the owner money by never needing replacement.