How You Can Save Money With an AC Tune-Up

Published on: April 25, 2012

As a homeowner, one of the smartest things you can do is to keep up with preventative home maintenance tasks. Doing so will save you aggravation and money in the long run. Your air conditioning system is no exception. Here’s how you can save money with an air conditioner tune-up.

Avoid Repairs

An air conditioner tune-up with a professional air conditioning service and repair company is one of the surest ways to avoid potentially costly air conditioner repairs. During a tune-up your air conditioner will be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated, making it much less likely to break down and require air conditioning service and repair. Regular tune-ups also provide an opportunity for the technician to detect any minor issues that, left un-addressed, could turn into larger problems that would require expensive repairs.

Increase the Life of Your System

Similar to the way regular oil changes typically help your vehicle to last longer, tune-ups for your air conditioner will increase the life of your unit. First, cleaning and lubrication will reduce unnecessary wear on the parts of your air conditioner, and reduce the chances of your unit breaking down and requiring a replacement.

In addition, the close inspection that comes along with a tune-up by a professional air conditioning service and repair technician will pick up on any minor issues you might be having with your air conditioner that you may not have noticed. Having problems like this taken care of right away, before they become a major issue, will keep your air conditioner running longer. You will save significantly when your system lasts for many years without needing replacement.

Lower Your Energy Bills With Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency is perhaps the most noticeable benefit, since it affects energy costs, and energy costs are regularly recurring.

Tune-ups can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner in several ways. First, simply having your unit cleaned by the air conditioning service and repair technician will help your system run at its best. Dust, dirt and other debris can cause your unit to work harder to simply function properly.

Next, during a tune-up the air conditioning service and repair technician will make note of any potential issues with your unit and make recommendations for remedying these problems. When your air conditioner is experiencing an issue, even a minor one, it is not cooling your home as effectively as it could be. Having even minor issues fixed will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and reduce your cooling bills.

Like any other system we use in our daily lives, it is easy to overlook preventative maintenance tasks when we believe everything is running well. Hard to detect issues can come up at any time, however. The only way to be sure your air conditioner is running at its best and operating efficiently is to schedule a tune-up with a professionally trained air conditioner service and repair technician. You will save by lowering your cooling bills, avoiding costly repairs, and extending the life of your air conditioner.