Searching for Heating Contractors in Macon

Published on: December 14, 2012

If you are experiencing a problem with your gas furnace or your electric heat pump, you need to schedule an appointment with heating contractors in Macon as soon as possible. When you delay getting your heating system fixed, the problem only worsens and your discomfort grows. However, it can be difficult to start if you have never had to hire heating contractors in the past. Your neighbors in Macon may be one of your best sources of referral. They have more than likely had experience with local heating contractors and can advise you on what type of service they received.

Requesting an Estimate from Macon Heating Contractors

When you contact a local HVAC dealer, you should be prepared to describe the heating issue you are experiencing in great detail. You can also ask questions to ensure that you are comfortable with the heating company, such as how long they have been in business and the types of licenses they hold in Georgia. If you feel comfortable with the HVAC dealer, your next step is to request a written estimate for the heating repair work that you need to have done. The majority of local HVAC contractors provide estimates at no cost to you. Your estimate should include the total cost of parts, labor and any other applicable fees. Be certain to ask if the estimate is based on an hourly rate or a flat rate so you are not surprised by your bill later.

Scheduling an Appointment for Repairs

After you have had a chance to look over the estimate, the next thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with the HVAC provider. It is reasonable to expect your appointment to be within two days of requesting it. When the technician arrives, make certain that you are available to discuss the problem again and show them to the area where your heating system is located. The technician will spend some time troubleshooting in order to determine what is causing your heating problem. He or she will then explain the issue to you and seek your permission to go ahead with the needed repairs.

There may also be times that you need a repair technician to come to your home or business immediately. Nobody ever plans on having a gas leak or being suddenly without heat, but it does happen. To prepare for an emergency in advance, it is important to have the 24-hour hotline to a local heating company that is willing to assist you at any time.

Make Sure the Work is Guaranteed

An important question to ask your service technician is how long your repairs are guaranteed to last. If something should go wrong within the first few days, you don’t want to have to pay for another service call. It is common for heating companies to offer 100% satisfaction guarantees to customers. This means that the company is willing to fix anything you are not satisfied with for a specified period of time.

Working with a Local Heating Company for New Installation

If your furnace or heat pump has stopped working or it has just become inefficient, you may need to replace it. Many people find that they need help when it comes to choosing a new heating system for their home or business. This is usually due to cost or lack of knowledge. The heating system you choose today could be with you for the next 20 years, so it is important to choose wisely. You need to consider several factors before making a final decision, such as cost, size, energy efficiency, general performance and more.

The first step in the heating system installation process is to acquire a free estimate. A service technician would come to your home or business to take measurements before recommending a system or quoting you a price. Next, you need to select a new gas furnace or heat pump according to your budget and other needs. One very important item to look for during this process is the energy efficiency rating of each new unit. This will help you determine how much it will cost to operate the unit before the heating season even starts. 

Preventative Maintenance for Your Heating System

Whether your heating system is brand new or very old, it needs regular preventative maintenance in order to function at its best. Most professional heating contractors offer their customers the opportunity to purchase an annual service plan. The plan is renewable every year on the date you purchased it and is usually priced below $200. 

As a plan member, you receive bi-annual maintenance for your heating system as well as your air conditioner. This professional tune-up helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC system and keeps it running longer before having to be replaced. Every fall and spring, a service technician comes to your home or business and completes a comprehensive checklist of items for each unit. For your heating system, this may include checking lubrication levels, tightening wires and making sure the thermostat is working correctly. You receive a detailed report at the end of the appointment that lets you know everything the technician did to your system. Regular tune-ups help to keep both your repair costs and your utility bills as low as possible.