An Energy Efficient Home Provides Benefits

Published on: April 25, 2012

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzz word in the media today. Using less energy means lower energy bills. Having an energy efficient ac unit helps to lower the utility bills for your home. Whether you use a central unit or window unit for air conditioning, you can enjoy lower bills by choosing energy efficient products.

One of the benefits of an energy efficient home is the improved health of you and your family. Cleaning the air conditioning ducts and filters ensures the cleanest air is provided to the house. An energy efficient ac system also controls the humidity level inside the house. Proper humidity levels can alleviate respiratory and skin problems. The air conditioner also dehumidifies the air so mold cannot grow.

SEER ratings are given to all air conditioning units. Higher numbers mean higher efficiency and higher energy savings. Units with Energy Star certification also qualify for tax breaks and incentives. By choosing an energy efficient ac system with the highest SEER rating and also Energy Star certified, you are maximizing the use of both your spending dollars and savings.

Having an energy efficient home has one benefit that may not be readily apparent until something happens. In the event of power failure due to a natural disaster or some other event, your home will maintain the indoor temperature and comfort longer than inefficient homes. In areas of extreme heat or cold, this could mean the difference between life and death. A generator can provide power to an air conditioning unit and other appliances. It will not need as much fuel as is required in other homes. Choosing an energy efficient ac system that also provides heat for window mounting in this case is a wise choice.

Resale value is another benefit of an energy efficient home. Being able to show prospective buyers information about the home’s efficiency, low energy bills and the SEER rating of your energy efficient ac system can make the sale. Be sure to make the whole house energy efficient, not just the air conditioning system.

There is more to an energy efficient home than the air conditioning unit. The water heater also uses energy as well as water. Choosing an Energy Star certified unit provides the greatest energy savings. These units also qualify for tax incentives. Some utility companies also provide rebates on water bills for these particular units. By choosing both an energy efficient ac system and water heater, you can have lower electric, gas and water bills.

Insulation in the attic, walls, around doors and windows can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Installing double paned windows with the Energy Star certification increases the HVAC system’s efficiency by blocking heat transfer. Heat remains outside the home in the summer and inside during the winter.

It may seem like a large financial investment at first. Living in the house for two or three years before selling allows you to reap the most energy savings, tax benefits and health benefits first.