Get Affordable Heating and Cooling Service in Columbus

Published on: October 15, 2012

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most vital components in your household when it comes to your comfort and health. We have become accustomed to having the type of control over our indoor environment afforded by heating and cooling, also known as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling), systems. In Columbus GA, we live in a climate where we are mostly concerned with the cooling aspect of the heating and cooling system, but it does get cold at times, so we need to think of the entire heating and cooling system as a whole. In addition to the mechanical components, consisting of the outdoor unit (condenser), indoor unit (evaporator coil and furnace, in the case of gas heating), there is the ventilation element to consider; this consists of the return and supply ductwork and plenums that allow the system to move conditioned air throughout the living area. Ventilation is a vital, but often overlooked, aspect of the entire system and has a major impact on your comfort and the efficient function of the heating and cooling system. No doubt, you are fully aware of how heating and cooling in Columbus affects your comfort; there are, however, other elements to consider and we will briefly cover these areas in the remainder of this article.

Did you know that, during summer, your cooling system is responsible for more than half of your utility costs? There have been remarkable strides made in the last few years regarding the efficiency of HVAC systems. That means that heating and cooling in Columbus will be less expensive when you replace old, inefficient equipment with a new system. The efficiency of an air conditioning system is indicated by the acronym SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This rating is a function of the average amount of energy required for cooling as measured over the course of a cooling season. SEER rating goes up as the efficiency increases, so a 16 SEER system is twice as efficient, or uses half as much energy, as an 8 SEER system. Installing a system that is twice as efficient as your existing one can translate into real savings on your utility bills; if you have a system that is more than 15 years old, you can expect even more gains in efficiency. Ventilation is extremely important in terms of energy efficiency and performance; a leaky duct system that leaves conditioned air anywhere other than the living space is costing you money and comfort. A reputable Columbus GA HVAC company will visually inspect your ductwork for leaks and recommend repair, replacement, or further testing if the duct system looks old or damaged.

You may have a newer system, and not have an immediate need for replacement. A cooling and heating system is designed to last for many years with little requirement on the part of the owner; that does not mean, however, that you should totally forget about your HVAC system until it breaks or needs replacing. A homeowner can help extend the life of the system and keep it functioning efficiently by replacing the air filters at recommended intervals, and keeping debris from piling up around the indoor and outdoor units. We highly suggest having regular checkups on your system. These seasonal service checks are typically performed in the spring and fall, prior to the onset of the cooling and heating seasons. It has become so apparent—after having inspected, repaired, and replaced many systems over the years—that regular diagnostic maintenance procedures increase the life span, efficiency and proper functioning of HVAC systems. The cost for these services is small when compared to the expense of major repairs, like a compressor failure, or replacement of a system that has failed prematurely due to lack of basic maintenance. During these visits, a trained service technician will check the various performance aspects of your unit to ensure that everything is functioning properly; problems noted during these visits can frequently be repaired at a much lower cost than they would at a later stage after becoming much more severe, and possibly causing a catastrophic failure, leaving you uncomfortable in the middle of summer or winter.

You already know how heating and cooling in Columbus affect your comfort; it can also impact your health as well. Allergies are a major cause of discomfort and illness in Columbus; mold spores, and allergens from trees, grasses and other plants can make you miserable. There is little that can be done about this when you are outdoors, but you can do something about these problems in your home or office by installing ultra-efficient air cleaning systems. These devices are generally installed against the indoor components and clean the air as the system runs in both heating and cooling modes. The best cleaners can remove all allergens and smaller particles such as bacteria, or even viruses. These systems are usually easy to install with a new system, and can also be added as a retrofit under most circumstances.

As you can see, there is more to heating and cooling in Columbus than you might have expected. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the infrequent, but important, decision you will make at some point for your home or business. A reputable dealer can give you much more information based on your specific needs during a consultation to discuss HVAC repair or replacement.