Searching for Local Furnace Installation in Columbus

Published on: December 28, 2012

Residential furnaces are the most popular option when it comes to home heating. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, around 70 percent of American households have them. Unlike an appliance such as a refrigerator that can be moved from house to house and still deliver the same performance, a furnace heating system must be customized to meet the specific needs of each individual home. That’s why it’s so important for Columbus residents to search for a qualified local HVAC company when preparing for a furnace installation.

Local Furnace Installations

As a leading HVAC company in Columbus, our service technicians are adept at offering local home heating solutions that deliver the utmost in comfort for the least expense. Our techs aren’t just knowledgeable with the types of furnaces that best suit the region’s weather. They’re familiar with local energy and fuel costs as well. When you choose us for your furnace installation in Columbus, you can expect an accurate quote for the job as well as a reliable estimate of expected annual operating costs. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a home heating system that’s designed specifically for your home. 

Understanding Furnace Terms and Technology

A basic understanding of how furnaces work is helpful when it comes to selecting a furnace product for your home. When the thermostat in your home triggers the furnace to cycle on, the unit’s burner controls signal the furnace to spark ignition. Fuel and air mix to begin the burning process inside the combustion chamber. A heat exchanger located above the combustion chamber absorbs the generated heat. The system’s blower sends the heated air through a network of air ducts into your home’s living spaces. As the heated air is delivered, household air is driven back through the ductwork to the furnace.

Energy-Efficient Furnace Installations

Byproducts created during the combustion process are safely vented outside of your home through a flue or chimney. Furnaces with low energy efficiency can send generated heat through the exhaust system as well, wasting energy and your hard-earned money. Furnaces achieve high energy efficiency with a number of technologies. All focus on ensuring that the heat generated by the fuel is delivered efficiently and effectively for the least amount of energy expenditure.

A furnace’s energy efficiency is primarily measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. An AFUE rating is a calculation of how well the furnace converts energy into household heat. A furnace with an AFUE of 78 percent, for example, means that 22 percent of the energy escapes through the chimney and elsewhere. Today’s modern furnaces can have AFUE ratings as high as 97 percent. The higher the AFUE rating on your new furnace, the less you’ll pay on monthly fuel and energy bills.

Furnace Features

Specific furnace features can also help you identify energy-efficient products. If you’re replacing a furnace that is more than ten or fifteen years old, the first difference that you’ll likely notice is the absence of a continuous pilot light. Modern furnaces no longer require a constantly burning flame to ensure that your furnace is ready to supply heat when you need it. Electronic ignition systems spark a flame only when heat is required. Other modern features to explore include:

  • A compact unit size to reduce heat loss
  • Exhaust fans that offer better control of both combustion air and gases
  • A second heat exchanger to capture heat lost in the primary exchanger
  • Blower motors with variable speeds that allow the furnace to deliver less air flow when less heat is needed

Ductwork for Your New Furnace Installation

AFUE measurements do not factor in any heat loss that occurs in the heating system’s ductwork. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaky ductwork located in an attic can cause up to 35 percent of your furnace’s energy output to be lost. When you choose one of our HVAC contractors for your installation, you can rest assured that our savvy technicians will inspect your existing ductwork system to make sure it meets the specifications of your new furnace. Our pros can also conduct a pressure test to identify any heat loss due to leaks or obstructions.  If leaks are present, our technicians can seal and insulate the ductwork for you.

When you’re searching for a local furnace installation in Columbus, you can’t do better than choosing a company with extensive experience installing heating systems in your local community. We’re proud to serve our community by providing HVAC solutions that help our neighbors enjoy a comfortable home environment with energy-efficient furnace products that reduce home energy costs too.