Extending the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Published on: January 31, 2016
Man repairing a furnace | AC Southeast®

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments for your Florida home. It’s expensive to replace, and you want it to last as long as possible. Taking good care of your HVAC system will help it last longer, but it will also prevent it from losing its efficiency earlier than it should. It doesn’t take a lot of work or a lot of money to extend the life of your HVAC unit, as long as you do your part to give it some extra love, especially during the peak months. 

Clean Your Filters

It’s important to keep your filters clean to make sure your HVAC unit runs as efficiently as possible. When your filters get clogged, your unit has to work harder to push air through the filter. When that happens, you run the risk of running up your utility bills, or even damaging your HVAC system. Check your filters at least once a month, especially when you are using your unit during high seasons, to help prevent your unit from wearing down faster than it should. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat makes it easy for you to adjust the settings on your unit so that you can keep the temperature lower or higher when you are not there, helping your unit work less and extending its life. Programming your thermostat to change the temperature when you don’t need it running as high also helps to save on your energy bills.

Clean Your Unit Regularly

You probably don’t realize how much dirt and debris gets caught in your HVAC’s outdoor unit. Double-check your manual for the correct way to clean your unit. Typically, it doesn’t take more than a garden hose while the power is shut off to make sure your unit is free from debris. Pay careful attention to the condenser coils to make sure they are clean from any dirt, since dirt can cause your unit to work less efficiently.

Give it a Break

There are plenty of ways to cool or heat your home without having to run your HVAC unit on high. Consider planting shade trees to keep the hot sun off of your home. Add insulation in your attic, and use ceiling fans in both the summer and the winter. Ceiling fans make the air feel colder in the summer, and you can reverse them in the winter to push the warm air down.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance to extend its life. Not only is regular maintenance good for the health of your unit, but it can also help you foresee potential problems within your HVAC system. Catching an issue early can prevent a major breakdown in the future, saving you time and helping your HVAC system last longer.

Get a Home Evaluation

It may surprise you how your home’s efficiency affects the life of your unit. If you have leaky windows, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat or cool your home, since it’s losing that air. A home evaluation can help you understand and fix places you lose energy in your home. The more energy you lose through drafty windows or doors, the harder it is on your system. Making your system work harder than necessary will drive up your utility bills and reduce your system’s lifespan.

Considering what a big investment your HVAC system is, you want to make sure it lasts. A regular maintenance plan ensures your system gets serviced regularly. Also, spend time making sure your system is clean and your filters are clean. To discuss other ways to extend the life of your unit, visit AirConditioningSoutheast.com to find a contractor in your area who can discuss maintenance plans and servicing your system.