Diagnose Your Home Heating Before the Cold Weather Arrives in Fort Walton Beach

Published on: October 12, 2012

There are two reasons why it is essential to diagnose your home heating system before the winter weather hits. First of all, you certainly do not want to discover that your heating system isn’t functioning properly in the middle of the night on a chilly evening. It is also important to remember that a lot of people spend a lot of money on home heating during the winter. Although you will have to pay a certain amount of additional costs in order to heat your Fort Walton Beach FL home during the winter, you can cut costs by making sure that your heating and cooling system is in the best possible condition.


In order to ensure that your home heating in Fort Walton Beach FL is working properly, it is a good idea to hire an experienced technician to come out to diagnose and check your heating system. The cost of this diagnosis is typically very reasonable in Fort Walton Beach FL, and the minor cost of having your system checked can save you a lot of money over the winter because you will cut down on your gas or electric bills. There are a few things that specialists check for when diagnosing home heating in Fort Walton Beach FL, and each of these steps help to ensure that your system is in its best possible condition.


Inspect Duct Work

One essential step of checking your home heating system is to inspect your duct work. Duct work that has holes or is otherwise damaged can severely impact how well your home heating system works, so technicians pay careful attention when performing this part of the checking and maintenance of your home heating in Fort Walton Beach FL.


Check Oil or Propane

If your home heating system runs off of oil or propane, your technician will check to make sure that you have plenty of oil or propane in order to run your system and to keep your family warm. Not only will the technician check the level of oil or propane that you have, but he or she will also check your tank as well as your gas or oil lines.


Check Vents, Chimneys and Flues

Issues with your vents, chimney or flues can cause both safety and efficiency issues, so it is important to hire a professional to check these things to make sure that everything is in order.


Check for a Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is important to have a carbon monoxide detector if you have a home heating system that uses internal combustion. Your technician will check for the presence of a working carbon monoxide detector: This can help to keep your family safe.


Check Air Filters

Your heating system’s air filters are more important than you probably think. During your home inspection, your technician will check to make sure that you have filters in all of the right places and that your filters are clean. If you do not have the necessary filters or if your filters are due for a change, your technician will change them for you. This will help to keep your system running more efficiently and will help to keep your family from inhaling dust, dirt and other particles in the air.


Clean Your Heating System

A dirty heating system will not work properly and can cause the air in your home to be dirty. It can be difficult for an inexperienced homeowner to clean his or her own heating system, so it is better to allow a technician to take care of the dirty work. Once your heating system has been cleaned, you can enjoy a more efficient system and a cleaner home.


Clean Motor and Fan

It is essential that all of the moving parts in your heating system are clean, well-oiled and can move freely. Cleaning your own motor and fan can be tricky and even dangerous, but a technician will clean any debris from these moving parts and will make sure that they are well lubricated.


Test the Heating System and Thermostat

After carefully checking all of the components of your heating system, a technician will then turn on your thermostat and check to make sure that both it and your heating system are working properly. Not only will your technician check to make sure that your system kicks on when it is supposed to, but he or she will also check your thermostat in order to ensure that it is taking an accurate reading. Many people do not realize the importance of checking to make sure that their heating systems actually work until it is time to turn it on for the winter, and you don’t want to find out at the last minute that you are having an issue with your heater. Therefore, this simple yet essential step can help you to make sure that your heating system will be working properly when you need it the most.


Although the weather hasn’t yet turned cold in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, it is still important to think about having your heating system diagnosed now. Not only will you have plenty of time to set an appointment and to resolve any issues that a technician might find during your heating inspection if you act now, but you can also help to guarantee that you will be prepared if cold weather strikes a little early this year