How A Professional Energy Evaluation Benefits Your Fort Walton Beach Home

Published on: June 22, 2012

With today’s economy and the cost of living on the rise, you may want to consider a home energy audit as a way to cut utility expenses in your Fort Walton Beach, Florida home. When you have an energy inspection, the expert will measure your home to determine its energy efficiency. Remember to follow through with the inspector’s recommendations for a utility cost decrease.



With last year’s energy bills at-hand, you can compare the amount of energy used in your home throughout the year by inputting your utility costs into informative Internet websites. You’ll need general information about your home such as your total square footage and the number of people residing at the residence, along with the last 12 billing statements from your utility companies. The websites do the rest of the work for you.


Hire an Expert Home Energy Auditor

As an air conditioning service company, we recommend that you employ the services of a professional energy inspector. During a professional home energy audit, you can expect the service person to examine your home room-by-room. The auditor will also request to review your last year’s energy bills, which will assist them with the assessment.

Your auditor may use several tests when examining your home. For example, the blower door test will allow an inspector to review your home for air-tightness. There are several reasons to review the air-tightness of your home. For example, if your auditor locates air leakage, then you can take the proper steps to reduce the warm and cold air that is escaping from your home. On the other hand, the inspector may find that cold air is coming in from outside, which will make your furnace work harder. You will gain peace of mind as your auditor reviews your home’s air quality for pollution.

The auditor will install a forceful fan into the border of one of your home’s exterior doors to remove the air from your home. This device reduces the inside air pressure. Once the fan has eliminated the unwanted air from your home, the air pressure outside will flow back in through unsealed openings and fissures. After the completion of the blower door test, you may need to contact our air conditioning service company to seal any ventilation areas that are emitting warm or cold air.


Your home energy audit may also include a thermographic inspection. With this test, inspectors use infrared scanning to review your home for air leakage and thermal flaws. An infrared video and still cameras are used to measure the surface temperatures in your home. When using these devices, auditors can check for light that is within the heat band. For instance, the video equipment will depict the color white for areas that are warm, while black indicates cooler sections.

An added benefit to thermographic inspections is that you will know if your insulation is functioning properly. The scan will typically be done within your home during the winter months. However, in the southern states, the scan will be done when the weather is warmest, as the auditor will be checking the cooling unit. Our air conditioning service company can eliminate problem areas found through a thermographic inspection.

If you are in the market for a new home, you may consider requesting an audit for potential houses you wish to buy. The energy test will help you make an informed decision. New home construction typically focuses on energy efficiency. However, even a new home could have energy issues.


Planning for an Energy Audit

Before the inspector arrives, you should review your home for problem areas. For example, check your windows for condensation and identify rooms that may be too hot or cold. Make copies of your home’s energy bills for the auditor. If you don’t have the statements from your utility companies, then call them as they can resend the bills to you.

During a home energy audit, the examiner will inspect the exterior of your home and its characteristics such as the number of windows your home has and their size. The inspector will also review your thermostat settings for all seasons, the number of people living in your residence, and the number of rooms in use.

Once you’ve scheduled your home energy audit, be sure to walk through your residence with the inspector. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your home’s energy efficiency and discover simple ways to lower your utility expenses. If the auditor locates wasted energy with your HVAC unit, then our air conditioning service company can resolve any potential issues.


Finding a Certified Energy Auditor

You may contact the energy department through your local government, and they will give you a list of companies that perform energy audits. In your area, the local gas or utility company may have an expert on staff to review homes. When you contact an auditor, confirm that they will use a calibrated blower door and will complete a thermographic review of your home.

Once you have your Fort Walton Beach, FL home energy audit completed, you’ll have the information needed to request the proper air conditioning service to improve your home’s efficiency. The overall outcome will be an increase in indoor air quality and comfort, but a decrease in waste and spending.