Save Money and Reduce Your AC and Water Heating Costs

Published on: April 25, 2012

You can save money and reduce your costs for both air conditioning and water heating by choosing an energy efficient system for each task. An air conditioning installation should include a model rated at 13 SEER or higher. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the model is.

Many Energy Star rated products are available today. Water heating units that have earned this rating save on both energy and water consumption. Some units may require the installation of a dedicated electrical circuit, but the money saved will pay for it. Your local dealer can help you choose the best energy efficient system for your home and budget.

During an air conditioning installation, the ducting system in the house should be cleaned. Any leaks should be repaired immediately. The insulation should be inspected and any gaps repaired. This saves money, because the system does not have to work harder to compensate for leaks. Uninsulated ducts force the system to work harder and run longer, resulting in higher energy costs. The condensation from air leaks and uninsulated ducts facilitates mold growth, wood rot and damage to the house’s insulation. If the house’s insulation fails, the system has to work even harder to keep the house warm or cool. This also results in higher energy costs. The cost of repairing the damage from the moisture can run into thousands of dollars. If the system overworks for too long, it could fail and need expensive repairs or replacement.

Choosing an energy efficient system for your water heating and air conditioning may also qualify for tax rebates or incentives. Local energy companies, county, state and federal agencies may all offer incentives for the same installation. Your local air conditioning installation company will be happy to help you fill out the necessary forms. This helps to pay for the system’s upfront costs. Over time, the money saved on bills will pay for the product and installation costs.

Maintenance of your energy efficient system will help you to save money over the life of the air conditioner or water heater. Each product comes with an owner’s manual explaining how you can best maintain the particular unit. With an ac installation, the technician will explain how to clean or replace the filter, how to maintain the drain line and how to keep the outside condenser free from debris or obstacles.

If maintaining the water heater or air conditioner yourself is not an option, air conditioner installation companies offer service contracts to their customers. During the year, technicians will perform the necessary tune-ups and maintenance of your air conditioner. The company may also offer a service contract for your water heater as well. Customers with service contracts reap more benefits. The energy efficient system receives the proper maintenance at the right time. If repairs are needed, the customer often receives discounts on parts and labor. During emergency calls, the customer with a service contract is often placed first in line.

It makes sense to invest in the most energy efficient systems for your home. As each system saves money on water and energy bills, you are paid back your initial costs. Once paid back, the systems continue to save you money.