Searching for a Dependable Heating Contractor in Fort Walton Beach

Published on: December 28, 2012

Do you need a heating contractor in Fort Walton Beach? We are local experts in all aspects of HVAC installation and repair, and we provide dependable service to residents of the region. We are familiar with the needs of our community, and we are pleased to offer our assistance with your heating needs. Contact us today to discuss your home heating system.


About Our Company

We place a high priority on exceptional customer service. After all, you are our greatest advertisement. We value the recommendations of happy clients, and we recognize that you have a choice when you select a local heating contractor. We maintain our licenses and credentials, participating in training related to innovations in our industry. This enables us to provide you with the best choices for your home heating and cooling needs.


Your Need for a Heating Contractor

There are various reasons for requiring our assistance with heating. We can provide consultation services if you are in the planning stages. We can make recommendations if you are dealing with replacing old equipment. We can also help you evaluate your existing equipment if you aren’t sure of your needs.


New Commercial and Residential Heating

We often consult with those planning new facilities to discuss the latest equipment developments related to HVAC systems. If you are at the point that you are ready to install your equipment, we can schedule an initial consultation to get your equipment ordered and your installation scheduled.


Updating Old Equipment

If you need a heating contractor to help you replace your existing heating system, we can provide you with a load calculation to determine an appropriate system for your building and use. We will also be happy to assist you in investigating some of the latest developments in recent years for home heating. You might be interested in a geothermal heat pump that uses the earth in its heating and cooling. You may like the idea of a dual fuel system for providing the most effective heating based on outdoor conditions. You might like the possibility of installing a humidifying furnace to improve your indoor air quality when your heat is running. There are many unique options available.

Condensing furnaces are popular because of their extreme efficiency and their ability to recycle fuel emissions. We carry a variety of budget friendly systems as well, providing enough energy efficiency for the Fort Walton Beach climate without overstressing your installation budget. We can also help you examine consumer incentives that provide the ability to recoup up to 30 percent of your investment in energy-efficient equipment. It’s important to consult with a heating contractor who is familiar with these opportunities so that you are sure to choose the correct equipment.


Heating Repairs

If your heating system is causing problems, you will appreciate the milder climate in which we live. However, you can’t afford to ignore a malfunctioning system as it can cost you a lot in extra energy expenses. Call us to discuss the problems you are experiencing. Let us know what your equipment brand and model number are so that we can check on known issues with the system. We can provide a diagnostic check to pinpoint the source of your malfunction. We will put together a recommendation for repair needs and a quote for related costs. After you approve our estimate, we’ll get your system up and working again.


Avoiding System Problems

One of the easiest ways to avoid having difficulties with your equipment is to make sure that it is serviced annually. We can do a tune-up that optimizes your system, extending its life and improving its efficiency. While we can’t promise that you’ll never have an equipment problem during the winter, we can catch many problems before winter temperatures arrive.

Our customers are really beginning to recognize the value of this service. It’s not much different than having the oil changed and adjustments made on your car. We lubricate moving parts in your heating equipment and check for leaks and cracks. We can examine your ductwork for dirt, mold and leaky joints. Mold can be a significant problem in this region, and we can discuss UV lights that can work with your system to kill bacteria and mold on your coils.


Issues Related to Air Quality

We are receiving more inquiries about air quality for HVAC systems. If you suffer from allergies or worry about the spread of cold and flu germs in your home environment, give us a call to discuss purification systems. We can also discuss ventilators if your home is susceptible to stale air.