Tips on How to Fix Your Heating System in Fort Walton Beach

Published on: November 16, 2012

It’s not unusual for an older heating system to have problems in the middle of winter. However, heating repairs in Fort Walton Beach FL might seem unnecessary in light of the mild temperatures experienced during the season. Ignoring your heating system is never a great idea, though, because it can lead to more significant problems later. Rather, it’s best to have your system fixed as quickly as possible after a malfunction so that it provides dependable heating when unexpected cold snaps occur.

Take time to do a little bit of initial diagnosis before you contact a contractor to repair your heating system in Fort Walton Beach. Most heating system repairs require the intervention of a professional, but the more information you have when you make a call for service, the more prepared your contractor will be when he arrives.


Does your heating system turn on? What happens when you turn it on? If your system is completely non-functioning, then you should make sure that you aren’t dealing with a fuse that’s blown. If your gas furnace isn’t working, it’s important to check your operating instructions in order to be sure that important components of the system aren’t off. Operating instructions are often posted directly on the system, helpful for quick access. Make sure that the gas supply is open and that the power switch is on. If your system requires that you light the pilot, make a quick check to verify that this isn’t your issue. Modern gas furnaces often have automatic pilot systems, meaning that you shouldn’t disturb that element of your equipment.

If your system turns on but doesn’t work properly, contacting a company to inspect your heating system in Fort Walton Beach is important. You may be experiencing poor airflow. Perhaps the heat from your system isn’t what you expect it to be. Maybe your system isn’t heating at all even though it is running. Are there burning smells that don’t dissipate? Is there an unusual and disturbing noise coming from your heat pump or furnace? Make notes of precisely what the problem is so that you can assist your contractor in being able to make a preliminary judgment about potential problems.


Before you contact a contractor in Fort Walton Beach FL, you should make sure that you select the best company for the job. It’s always helpful if you can find a company that is specially trained in servicing your brand of equipment. An authorized dealer is often perfect for the job, having been specially trained in how to service the company’s heating system models. Some people imagine that this might be expensive, but in reality, a heating system repairman who specializes in working with a piece of equipment will be able to diagnose problems and correct them more efficiently than a general HVAC contractor. Selecting an expert can keep your repair costs down. You’ll also appreciate that your contractor uses brand specific parts and tools in order to make sure that the repair is done correctly. It’s worthwhile knowing that you won’t have faulty work or temporary fixes.

If your system is under warranty, your use of an authorized contractor may be required. With older heating equipment, this is usually not a concern. It’s still better to have your work done by someone who knows the equipment well. If you are new to your home, though, you will want to check your homeowner’s warranty details related to your heating equipment. An important system like your heating and cooling will often be included in such a protection plan, ensuring that you can obtain needed repairs while only having to pay a deductible for the service. If you have an active warranty, don’t let your malfunctioning system sit idle. Make arrangements for service right away according to the terms of your plan.


If you’ve had to baby your heating system in Fort Walton Beach for a couple of years, it’s probably time to think about replacing your equipment. Your contractor can provide you with a variety of options in new equipment. You might want to think about installing a new heat pump. Your contractor can discuss some of the new split fuel systems available, great for providing the most efficient heating based on climate conditions. If your home doesn’t have ducts, your contractor can discuss single room heating options and ductless heating and cooling systems.

You’ll also want to ask about incentives available for upgrading your equipment. An energy-efficient heating system in Fort Walton Beach can save you money on future heating bills, but it can also enable some consumers to take special deductions when they file taxes. Options and credits are different every year, and it’s important to ask your HVAC professional about current possibilities. Your contractor can also discuss special promotions available from the manufacturer of your new equipment. Savings are always helpful when you are dealing with the replacement of old equipment, and a good repair professional understands that helping you to afford the work and the equipment will benefit him as well.