We Solve HVAC Problems in Fort Walton Beach

Published on: December 14, 2012

If you need help solving HVAC problems in Fort Walton Beach, you will appreciate our extensive services and skills in the industry. We have served the community for many years with our comprehensive programs for equipment and repair needs, and we can provide you with diagnostic services to troubleshoot your system. Contact us for an appointment today.

Current Training and Expertise

We continually engage in seminars and training opportunities related to our trade so that we can provide our Fort Walton Beach customers with the best possible solutions to their HVAC problems. We value our customers, and we are committed to their satisfaction. You can count on honest evaluations and quotes as we pinpoint the issues affecting your home heating and cooling.

Common HVAC Problems in Our Community

There are many common issues with furnaces and heat pumps in our community. When you contact us for assistance, it’s helpful if you provide us with an overview of the issue and information about your equipment brand and model. This will allow us to research before we come out. When we arrive at your site, we will troubleshoot in order to determine the source of your HVAC problems. We will provide recommendations and estimates based on any repair or replacement needs.

Airflow and Temperature Inconsistencies

A major challenge with a centrally heated and cooled home is obtaining consistent temperatures and airflow throughout the structure. Your thermostat moderates the operation of equipment, and when it records the programmed temperature at its location, it causes the equipment to shut off. The problem is that some rooms may not heat or cool the same as the area in which the thermostat is located. There can be various reasons for this, and our diagnostic visit will allow us to pinpoint the trouble.

Leaky ducts can lead to poor airflow in your system. A faulty blower can be another source of trouble. We can troubleshoot to figure out whether it’s a matter of equipment or ducts. In some cases, there can be an obstruction in a vent or duct. In other cases, a clogged filter can play a role in airflow issues. It’s important to maintain your filter and check it for excess dirt monthly during heating or cooling weather. It’s also important to keep your vents clear from furniture or other materials. Children find it fun to hide toys in these areas, so make sure that you occasionally remove registers to check inside your vents. 

Excessive Energy Costs

Most of our requests for service are due to escalating energy bills. Your HVAC equipment contributes to more than half of your home energy bill, and inefficient equipment can be expensive to operate. We can do an energy audit to assess your HVAC system and structural components for problems that might be causing a spike in energy costs. We will recommend improvements such as duct sealing and attic insulation if these are the source of trouble. We can also discuss management techniques in your home that can help keep energy costs down. If your equipment is older, it may be time to think about upgrading to a more efficient model.

Heating or Cooling Difficulties in Isolated Rooms

Your home’s design and landscaping can contribute to challenges with temperature control in some parts of the building. If you have a room that faces the sun on a hot afternoon, cooling may be difficult. You may have a shaded room that doesn’t heat well in the winter. We can provide strategies for limiting heat exchange in these areas. We can also provide you with equipment options designed to address HVAC needs in a single room. 

Additions to Your Home

You may not be sure of how to best heat and cool your new addition. If you can’t connect to the central HVAC system, you may need a single-room solution. Window units are popular, but ductless mini systems are also excellent for addressing small area heating and cooling.

Air Quality Concerns

If problems with your HVAC system are related to air quality, you will appreciate many of the most recent advances in the industry. We can provide you with information about purification systems if you need a way to manage allergens in your home. 

Humidifiers and humidifying furnaces can address problems with excessive dryness experienced during winter heating. Although our climate is humid, a heater seems to remove every drop of moisture from the air. Our solutions can alleviate the condition and improve your costs in heating your home. You don’t need to set the thermostat as high to achieve comfortable conditions when moist air is present.

Ventilators are great for keeping air circulating and fresh. They can remove excess humidity from your home environment during the sticky summer months. They also help deal with the stale quality in the air during the summer.

Repairing or Replacing

You may not be sure whether it’s worth the effort to repair your old equipment. We can do a load calculation to determine what systems would best accommodate your home’s needs. We will provide a comparison of costs to run your old equipment and savings to operate more efficient equipment. You might be surprised at how quickly you can recoup your investment with new energy efficient models. Energy-efficient equipment incentives have been available in recent years that make it more affordable to consider upgrading. We will let you know which products are eligible for these discounts and rebates.  We will be waiting for your call!