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Published on: December 28, 2012

The best way to ensure that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in your home work properly for as long as possible is to ensure that you keep up with regular maintenance. Your heating system should be inspected and tuned-up in the fall, and your air conditioning system should be tuned-up in the spring. Ensuring that your HVAC systems are maintained will not only extend the lifespan of your equipment, but it will also help keep your power bills under control. When your HVAC system is maintained properly, you will reduce the need for repairs and catch small mechanical problems before they become expensive to repair.

What Is Involved in Air Conditioning Maintenance

The air conditioning part of your HVAC system is made up of three main components: the evaporator, the condenser and your air ducts. Evaporator coils contain refrigerant, which is either Freon or Pureon, and warm air from your home is blown over the coils. When the warm air is put in contact with the coils, the refrigerant turns from a gas into a liquid that draws the warmth out of the air. The refrigerant then passes to the condenser coils where pressure is used to return it to a gaseous state. Once air has been cooled, the blower motor will blow air into your air ducts where it will be distributed through your home via vents.

During maintenance, your technician will inspect your coils for leaks and ensure that they are clean so that cooling is maximized. The technician will also inspect the blower motor to ensure that the fan blades are clean and that the motor is oiled. Additionally, they will check to make sure that your air ducts are clean and free of leaks and gaps. 

What Is Involved in Furnace Maintenance

When your furnace turns on, fuel is sent to your burners, which produces an even and controlled flame. Once fuel arrives in your burners, combustion begins and a heat exchanger transfers the heat generated by the combustion to air that is blown through the exchanger. From there, the heated air is transferred to your air ducts, and the exhaust generated by the combustion of fuel exits your home via a flue or chimney.

When a technician comes to complete heating maintenance for your Hattiesburg home, they will check to ensure that you have sufficient fuel to last you through the winter, verify that your pilot light is set correctly and make sure that your blower motor is working properly. Additionally, the technician will also check to make sure that your fuel lines are providing even amounts of fuel for combustion and that your flue or chimney is not leaking. Your technician will also ensure that your air ducts are in good shape since they are used by both your heater and AC.
Improve Energy Efficiency with A Home Energy Audit

It is important to note that efficient HVAC service involves keeping up with your heater and AC maintenance and ensuring that your home is energy efficient. Even if your HVAC system is in perfect working condition, if your home is not energy efficient, you will still have higher energy costs and more wear and tear on your equipment. Your home can be reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system through insufficient insulation, drafts in your home and ductwork that is in poor condition. Determining where your problem areas are is difficult without a home energy audit.

Home energy auditors will inspect your home and determine where heated air is escaping or entering your home. This is done by visual inspections, blower tests and thermal imaging. Blower tests involve filling your home or air ducts with a non-toxic gas then using fans to blow air throughout your home, which allows them to discover leaks and gaps in your home. Thermal imaging allows technicians to determine where your insulation is not doing its job. Using the information provided by your energy audit, you can ensure that the air heated and cooled by your HVAC system stays in your home. This will reduce the amount of work your heater and AC have to do and it will also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.