Could Your Home In Hattiesburg use Heating Improvement?

Published on: February 22, 2012

Do you feel cold in your Hattiesburg, MS home despite having set your thermostat to produce heat? If so, the problem may be a heating system inefficiency. This is a common problem for Hattiesburg home and business owners, but it can be easily resolved with the help of a professional heater service or repair company.

One of the first recommendations a technician from a heater service or repair company in Hattiesburg may suggest is that you invest in a dehumidifier for your home. Humidity in your home causes the heat index to rise. This is the number derived from humidity and air temperature to determine how warm you feel in your Hattiesburg home. When you use a dehumidifier in your home or business, it can help everyone feel warmer without having to adjust the thermostat.

If you have a fireplace, be sure to close the damper each time you are finished using it. When you leave it open, heat can escape up the chimney of your home. This causes your furnace to have to work harder to keep you and your family comfortable. A professional heater service or repair company in Hattiesburg can provide you with more information about using your fireplace as it relates to energy efficiency.

Problems caused by dirty furnace filters often lead to unnecessary calls to a heater service or repair company in Hattiesburg, MS. People often don’t realize what is causing the problem or that they could easily rectify it. When furnace filters are allowed to accumulate debris from the air, it can result in the furnace running sluggishly and providing inconsistent heat throughout your home. You should plan to check your furnace filters regularly and clean or replace them as needed. Depending on the type of filter installed in your furnace, this may be anywhere from one month to one year.

A proper amount of insulation can go a long way towards keeping your home consistently warm. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that they have an inadequate amount of insulation. If your attic walls or ceiling are very hot when you touch them, it could indicate too little insulation.