Have Your Heating Contractor Diagnose Your HVAC System in Hattiesburg

Published on: October 12, 2012

The mild winter temperatures of Hattiesburg MS make it easy to keep your heating costs down. However, it’s never pleasant to wake up on an especially chilly morning to find that your heater isn’t working. While the average lows in the winter months generally stay in the upper 30s, there is the potential for an occasional cold snap. It’s during these times that a malfunctioning heating system can be especially inconvenient. Working with a heating contractor in Hattiesburg to diagnose the problems with your HVAC system can limit your exposure to chilly indoor temperatures.


If your system fails to turn on, you should check your electrical box to make sure that a switch isn’t off. While this may seem simple, it’s easy to forget that it’s a possibility. If the electrical box isn’t the issue, it’s helpful to observe the conditions around your heat pump in order to make sure that there isn’t any obvious physical damage. While winter conditions in Hattiesburg MS are rarely dangerously severe, it’s still important to enlist the help of a heating contractor as quickly as possible.


Your heating contractor can assess and deal with the problems. It’s important to recognize that this is a common situation during winter months. Heating systems rarely fail when they aren’t in use, and service calls surge during cold weather. It may take some time for your service company to get to your home. However, your interests are best served by waiting for that professional to fix your system. Some homeowners experience frustration when they enlist the help of unqualified workers in making such important repairs. It’s wise to make sure that you are dealing with a licensed contractor who knows his craft well. Otherwise, you may face the same problems again rather quickly.


There are problems with heating systems that are not as easy to recognize on your own. Not realizing that you have a problem with your system can lead to an eventual malfunction. You can also experience excessive energy bills because of problems with your system. There are several cues that can alert you to the need for professional diagnosis by a heating contractor.


If your heating system isn’t blowing hot air through the vents, you can be sure of problems. Try turning the system off and on again. Allow it a short time to begin heating. If it fails to provide hot air, then a call to your heating contractor is warranted. If your system is emitting burning smells that don’t go away after a couple of minutes, you should consult with your HVAC professional. When you first use your system in the winter, there may be a musty smell or a faint burning scent as dust clears from the vents. However, a persistent smell could be serious.


Your heating system may seem to be working differently from one room to another. If it seems as if the air is flowing differently throughout the house, you may be faced with leaky ducts. The energy loss associated with this issue could be costly and frustrating as you strive to achieve comfortable temperatures in rooms with poor airflow. Your heating contractor can investigate your ducts to determine whether you have leaks. He can also provide duct sealing services in order to improve your system’s efficiency.


An excessive energy bill can be a sign of trouble. If you’ve been in your home for more than one winter, you can use your utility company’s statistics to evaluate your previous energy usage. If temperatures have been especially extreme, it’s possible that the elevated energy usage and costs are due to the need to use the heater more. However, if the temperatures have been mild, an elevated bill can be a sign of a malfunction in a system on your property. Your heating contractor in Hattiesburg can perform an energy audit in order to evaluate potential problems with your system or in your home.


Your heating contractor may recommend insulation as a means of improving energy efficiency. While you may already have insulation, more efficient insulation products can be used to make your home less susceptible to energy exchange. Your contractor can also recommend strategies for reducing heat loss through windows and doors.


If your HVAC professional determines that your system is the source of your excessive energy usage, he may suggest some options as you think about upgrading. Energy efficient units can save you a great deal of money on your energy bill. You may also find that there are tax incentives or rebates related to your installation of energy efficient systems in your home. These options may make it beneficial to upgrade. You need to check the details of such opportunities carefully in order to select an approved system. In some cases, installation costs are included in incentive opportunities. In other cases, installation isn’t considered for rebates or tax credits. Since the details vary from year to year, you need to make sure of the specifics before you proceed with a purchase. Make sure that you save all of your receipts and documentation.


The best time to deal with diagnosing your system is before it fails. Regular maintenance can help you in checking for problems. Some HVAC contractors provide programmed maintenance services, and this can be a great way to make sure that your system is cared for throughout the year. You can discuss the options with your heating contractor in Hattiesburg.