Heating Problem? How You Can Troubleshoot a Solution For Your Hattiesburg Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

As a busy home or business owner in Hattiesburg, MS, dealing with a heating problem is a hassle. Our professional HVAC service technicians recommend these easy troubleshooting steps before calling for air conditioning and heater service or repair.


Power Supply
Before calling for an air conditioning and heater service or repair, check whether your furnace has power. A recent severe storm, power surge or brownout may have tripped the circuit breaker or blown a fuse.


If you had a recent air conditioning and heater service or repair in your Hattiesburg home, the thermostat settings may need updating. Programmable thermostats often revert to preset functions after a power outage. A family member may have changed the thermostat settings as well. Check to make sure the thermostat is set correctly before calling for service.


Low Air Flow
Problems with your heating system often result from low air flow. If your furnace’s air filter is dirty and filled with dust and debris, air cannot pass through it effectively. This results in less warm air coming into your home. Outdoor obstructions such as tall grass, overgrown shrubs or downed branches may obstruct the condenser unit and reduce its airflow.


Blocked Ducts and Vents
Dust and debris in your air ducts may cause your Hattiesburg, MS home to be colder or hotter than you would like. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Check to make sure that the vents are in the open position so that air can flow into your home.


If you achieve no results after troubleshooting your heating system, it is time to call for air conditioning and heater service or repair. Our reliable service technicians provide emergency air conditioning and heater service or repair services throughout Hattiesburg, MS.

If our experienced service technician detects a costly problem with your heating system, he or she will recommend a new heating system installation. A new high efficiency furnace for your Hattiesburg home will reduce your monthly utility bills. With years of experience in heater repair and installation, our trustworthy service technicians will assist you in choosing the best new heating system for your Hattiesburg home.