How Moisture Can Damage Your AC System

Published on: April 25, 2012

If you notice an excess amount of moisture in your air conditioner, there are steps you can take before requesting AC maintenance from a HVAC company. Unfortunately, ignoring the moisture in your air conditioner can cause a number of problems. The water from inside of the unit condenses, leading to corrosion of its parts. The condensation can also cause the unit to freeze and not turn on at all. If problems with your air conditioner have reached this point, it is best to contact a professional air conditioning repair company for assistance.

One of the primary causes for moisture inside of an air conditioner is a drainage system that is not working properly. There could be several reasons for this, including frozen refrigerant fluid, a foreign object blocking its path or dust and other debris collecting inside of the unit. For the proper diagnosis, contact a professional air conditioning repair company. Once the AC maintenance company has had the opportunity to look at your system, a technician can point out what is specifically causing the problem.

Another issue with excess moisture in an air conditioner is that it can lead to mold, which can present a serious health hazard to your family or employees. When mold is not cleaned from inside of your unit, it can be released into the air the first time you turn it on for the season. This is bad news for people with respiratory sensitivities, as inhaling mold could worsen their condition. If you notice a family member or employee having difficulty breathing or seeming to have a chronic cold, it could be due to the inhalation of mold from the air conditioner.

You can help to reduce air conditioning repair costs by regularly vacuuming out the inside of your air conditioner. You can also purchase or rent a vacuum pump or refrigerant gauge manifold set from an AC maintenance company. However, if you have never attempted this process before, you are probably better off having a professional air conditioning repair company do it for you. When an AC maintenance company completes the job, it ensures that you don’t accidentally cause damage to your air conditioner. If you are so inclined, a service technician can show you how to repeat the process the next time you notice that too much moisture has collected in your system.

The majority of air conditioning repair and installation companies recommend that you have preventative AC maintenance performed on your unit at least once a year. This gives an air conditioning repair technician the opportunity to detect any serious problems with your unit, including problems caused by excess moisture.

A preventative AC maintenance appointment also helps such issues from occurring in the first place. When you have annual maintenance performed, a service technician checks all fluid levels, the condition of fans and condenser coils and ensures that the drainage system is working properly. At the conclusion of the appointment, you receive a list of specific tips to keep the air conditioner running efficiently throughout the summer.