How to Properly Diagnose Your Home Heating in Hattiesburg

Published on: November 30, 2012

There are lots of issues that can arise as you deal with home equipment and systems. Your home heating in Hattiesburg is important as winter approaches, and you should take time to make sure that your heating equipment is functioning correctly. The last thing you want to experience is a home heating failure on the first cold day of the year in Hattiesburg MS. Preparing in advance can save you a lot of trouble.


Maintaining your heater is important. There are pre-season steps you need to take so that you don’t experience a surprise failure of your home heating as temperatures drop. There are also post-season steps that can improve your chances of keeping the system operational in coming years. Start with your filter, changing it in the mid-fall months so that you will start the winter with a clean filter that will facilitate smooth operation of your furnace or heat pump. End the season by placing a clean filter as well. At each point, double check that your filter doesn’t show signs of mold. Mold spores being distributed through the home can jeopardize your family’s health, and it’s important to note such conditions so that you can have your system professionally cleaned.


The next diagnostic step in the fall is to make sure that your vents are free from dust and other materials that might create a fire hazard or inhibit airflow. You can remove your metal vent covers and vacuum the recesses. Check for foreign objects that may have fallen into these areas. Children are notorious for sticking materials into openings, so look for crayons, coins and food. You want your vents open and clear so that hot air can be delivered to each room without restriction.


Check your thermostat settings. If your thermostat uses a battery, then test the battery to make sure that it is still good. You should turn on your system to make sure that it operates. Make notes of anything that seems unusual. You shouldn’t be surprised if there is a slight burning smell at first as this is common. If the smell doesn’t subside, though, then you may need professional diagnostics performed. Likewise, if your system is squeaking or making unusual noises, make a note so that you can consult with a home heating professional.


Problems with airflow or with a lack of heat will require professional evaluation. Your system may need a good cleaning. You may need home sealing services for your ducts. You can contact a professional who specializes in home heating in Hattiesburg to do the work. Taking these steps before winter arrives makes it possible to have these services performed without your having to experience an uncomfortable period of cold weather without a functioning heater.


If your system malfunctions during the winter, you may be faced with a wait before a professional diagnosis of your system can be made. You can double check the basic issues in order to communicate clearly with your expert in home heating. A winter storm in Hattiesburg MS can lead to heavy demand in the industry, making it possible to experience delays in obtaining service for your home heating in Hattiesburg. It’s important to make sure that members of your family are safe and comfortable, and it’s helpful to let your contractor know that there are fragile members of the household. It may help in having your service prioritized.


If you receive an excessively high energy bill during the winter, it’s possible that there may be a problem with your equipment. However, there are many household factors that can affect your energy bill. It’s helpful to analyze your family’s behavior in determining whether you’ve done anything differently that might affect your energy use. It’s wise to think about having an energy audit if you can’t attribute the spike to any specific activity. Your home heating system may be the culprit. Your home’s structure may be the reason for the costs. Your HVAC contractor can make a diagnosis and provide strategies for cutting back on your energy usage.


It’s important to work with a reliable company so that you know that the diagnostic efforts are honest and correct. There are unlicensed repair services that operate in an unethical manner. You should make sure that your contractor is licensed and insured for your own protection. It’s also sensible to have diagnostic services performed by a company that is an expert in dealing with your brand of equipment. This will ensure that work is performed correctly if it’s needed. If you want your heating system to provide you with the best service possible, then you should select the best repair option possible.


Your contractor for home heating in Hattiesburg can evaluate your equipment’s longevity. He may recommend that you begin to plan for a system upgrade. He can help you to explore utility and tax incentives that might reduce your replacement costs. It’s also possible that he will be able to inform you of special coupons for purchase and installation of new equipment. Having advance awareness of your system’s longevity or vulnerability can make it easier to save for and research alternative equipment. Your contractor should be familiar with energy ratings and their significance, making it easy for him to explain which systems are best suited to your home and family size.