Is There a Difference In Air Filters for Your Hattiesburg Home? Cost vs Efficiency?

Published on: February 23, 2012

An air filter is an important part of both your air conditioner and furnace. Most Hattiesburg air conditioner and heater service or repair companies sell and service several different types. If you aren’t sure which type of air filter to buy for your Hattiesburg, MS home or business, a service technician should be able to help you. You may not need air conditioner and heater service or repair quite as often if you take the time to regularly clean or change your air filters.


The most common type of air filter sold at an air conditioner and heater service, repair, or hardware store is the pre-filter. This filter type is also the least expensive. It can capture particles from dust, dirt and household debris up to 100 microns. Most pre-filters are made of fiberglass or polyester. The pre-filter is usually placed directly inside your Hattiesburg, MS furnace or air conditioner.


The pleated filter is of slightly higher quality than the pre-filter because it has several folds that are able to catch particles. A technician from an air conditioner and heater service or repair company may refer to the pleated filter as a 30 percent filter. It is slightly more expensive than the pre-filter, but it is also designed to last longer. The next strongest filter is the 4-ply filter, followed by the HEPA filter and the carbon filter. The last two types are used in homes or hospitals when odors must be killed.


A Hattiesburg heating and cooling company can also provide you with tips for the proper care of your air filters. You should plan to clean them monthly and replace them at least every three months for the best results. Heating and cooling units with dirty air filters run very slowly and must work much harder than necessary to provide heat or cool air to your home. This problem can easily be avoided by knowing which type of air filter to buy and cleaning or changing it as necessary. You should also vacuum the dust and particles around both your air conditioner and furnace for the longest lasting results.