Low Cost Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Hattiesburg

Published on: October 26, 2012

Homeowners depend on both heating and cooling in Hattiesburg homes. The summers are hot and the winters bring some very cold temperatures so heating and cooling in Hattiesburg are both necessary to ensure the comfort of the home. This means that homeowners must pay attention to both heating and cooling systems, making sure that both continue to provide comfort throughout the year.

An important way to keep your HVAC equipment operating at top capacity is to have the equipment regularly maintained. Professional maintenance performed on a regular basis keeps both your heating and cooling systems operating energy efficiently, too. Hattiesburg MS homeowners have two options for maintaining their HVAC systems. Homeowners may contract with a Hattiesburg HVAC company for their equipment maintenance or they may simply remember to call each year for a preventative maintenance tune-up.

Maintenance Service Contracts

Maintenance service contracts or agreements are offered by may Hattiesburg MS HVAC companies. The premise of a service contract is that the homeowner signs an agreement with the company to perform yearly maintenance on both heating and AC equipment. Many HVAC companies will perform the preventative inspection and tune-up in the Spring to ensure the central air conditioning unit is ready for the summer. During the maintenance visit, the technician will also tune up the heating system.

Benefits of Service Contracts

HVAC companies often offer perks for their customers who have signed service contracts. For example, many companies will consider service agreement holders “priority” customers. This means that when the customer needs repair service, they receive priority treatment and their service call is scheduled ahead of other calls.

Service contracts also provide the customer with a low cost HVAC equipment maintenance option. One price is paid for the standard service agreement. This price is generally lower than the cost of labor for a maintenance tune-up without the agreement. Service contracts provide the customer with a price break for regular maintenance while offering additional incentives.

Additional incentives may also include price discounts on parts and/or labor, should the heating and cooling equipment need repairs. Even the most reliable HVAC system may need repairs at some point. Parts will become worn and damaged over time. For example, one part that often fails on an air conditioning system is the capacitor. Some HVAC experts even go so far as to advise their customers to keep an extra capacitor on-hand for when the part wears out. If you have a service contract with a Hattiesburg MS HVAC company, you will likely receive prompt service and a discount on the service call, too.

Preventative Maintenance Without a Contract

Hattiesburg HVAC companies do not require that customers have a service contract to schedule regular maintenance for heating and cooling in Hattiesburg. HVAC companies in the area will perform regular maintenance for any customer. Regardless of whether you have a service agreement, you should still have your system maintained each year. Regular maintenance is not only important for equipment that is still under warranty, it is important for all systems. Regular maintenance will keep your system in top shape. With or without a service contract, remember to have your system maintained each year.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Many homeowners are not aware of the importance of regular maintenance for their HVAC systems. Regular maintenance is very important to make sure the system continues to operate at peak performance levels over the life of the equipment. With regular maintenance, you can potentially avoid expensive repairs. During a maintenance tune up, the technician will check various components of the heating and cooling system. The technician will note any potential problems that may necessitate a repair in the future. For example, the technician may find a worn part. The tech will notify the homeowner about the need for a future repair. If the homeowner has the time to repair the component before the part fails, they may save the cost of an emergency repair call.

Additionally, during a maintenance tune up, the tech will check the system’s air flow, electrical connections and drainage system. If the drainage system is not properly ridding the home of condensation created by the central air unit, water can damage the equipment, damage the home and cause mold to grow and contaminate the home.

Finally, regular maintenance will keep the system energy efficient. If you are like most homeowners, you know that energy prices are rising. Regular maintenance will make sure that you are not paying extremely high energy bills due to your HVAC system consuming more energy than necessary to keep your home comfortable. The tech will make adjustments and check parts of the system that may be costing you extra money in energy costs.

Frequency of Maintenance

Most homeowners will opt to have their equipment professionally maintained once per year. During the maintenance inspection, a tune-up is performed for both the heating and cooling system. However, some homeowners prefer to have their cooling system maintained in the Spring and their heating system maintained in the Fall. Some service contracts will stipulate two such maintenance visits, as well. No matter the frequency of maintenance visits, you must make sure that both the heating and cooling equipment is maintained each year.

When you are ready to purchase a service contract for maintenance, compare prices offered by Hattiesburg HVAC companies to select a low price maintenance option. The important take-away is that you make sure that your HVAC equipment is maintained at least once per year.