What is Passive Dehumidification and How It Benefits You

Published on: May 9, 2012

Passive dehumidification will save money on the energy bill. In Hattiesburg, MS, an HVAC system that uses it will improve the indoor air quality significantly. Regular maintenance by an air conditioning service and air duct cleaning company will keep your home healthy and comfortable for years.

Passive dehumidification uses heat pipe technology to remove heat and significant amounts of humidity. No additional energy is used in the process. Savings of up to 60% on energy bills have been reported with this technology. For HVAC system owners, this can be a sizeable amount of money.


It is easier to think of the passive dehumidification air conditioning service unit as having three-stages. The house’s original ducting system is used. Annual cleaning will ensure healthy and clean air for you and your family.

In the first part of the regular unit’s air conditioning service, air is drawn in through the filter. The filter traps dust and other contaminants. The air is drawn across the first set of cooled refrigerant-filled pipes. The heat moves into the fluid, which flows to a storage unit. The difference in temperature between the cooled fluid and warm air causes condensation. This drains to the outside.


The second part of the system is next. The air is drawn across the regular HVAC system evaporator coils. The coils are also filled with cooled refrigerant. The same heat removal and condensation happens again, further dehumidifying the air. The air has been cooled and dehumidified twice now. The super-cooled air cannot be returned to the house yet.


In the third part of the HVAC system heat pipe technology, the near-freezing air is drawn across pipes filled with the warm refrigerant from the first stage. The heat warms the air; condensation forms and drains again.


The air conditioning service now delivers the air to the house. The dry air feels much cooler than moist air. An Energy Star certified ceiling fan will circulate the air and help the HVAC system make the house even cooler. By raising the indoor temperature, your Hattiesburg, MS, home will have low energy bills all season. Your local air conditioning service company can install a system for you.