How to Survive the Stress of Unexpected Home Repairs

Published on: May 29, 2017
Family on ground | AC Southeast®

Planned home repairs in Savannah, Georgia, are stressful enough, with unfamiliar people traipsing through your living space and lots of dust and debris accumulating in your home. Unexpected home repairs add enough stress and financial burden to your life to cause serious trouble. When you’ve got no choice but to face an emergency repair, take steps to mitigate the stress on your family. Both in preparation and during the event, you can take action to make your life a little easier.

Set Aside Savings Now

When something breaks and you don’t have the budget to fix it, stress becomes an undeniable part of your life until you resolve the situation. Find a way to set aside a few thousand dollars for home repairs. Create a savings account, put money in a jar, or set up a paycheck deduction. However you do it, leave that money there until you face unexpected repairs. Even if it doesn’t cover the entire cost, it’ll take a big chunk out of the final bill, taking some of the pressure and stress off your shoulders.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointments

You can’t prevent all home repairs with maintenance, but you can reduce the amount that creeps up and surprises you. With the right HVAC maintenance schedule, we’ll be able to tell you when your AC and furnace have only a little time left. That gives you room to budget for new equipment, save up some money, and prepare for having us in your home doing the installation. You also have more time to research what products you’d like to use in the replacement, instead of making a day-of decision when faced with a broken AC.

Create a Safe Room

Choose one room of the house and make it off-limits to home repairs. That means no tools, no mess, no contractors or workers moving through the room. Pick a space away from the main house thoroughfare. The guest room or the office is usually a good spot to choose.

Move some toys, comfortable chairs or pillows, and other relaxing items into the safe room. Whenever you’ve had enough, you can retreat there for some down time. Encourage your kids to head to the safe room to get homework done, too.

Book a Hotel

If you have the budget for it, book a hotel during the worst nights of repair work. Some home repairs won’t disrupt your home’s interior much. If you’re just replacing your outdoor AC unit, for example, we’ll barely need to come inside. Once you have the new unit picked out and we’ve done the load calculation, the installation won’t take very long.

A plumbing issue, ductwork issue, or drywall issue? Those mean you may have people in and out all day, perhaps for several days depending on the severity of the problem. Living in a house with no AC or no plumbing is possible, but it’s not convenient. A night in a hotel gives you a break from the chaos.

Get Takeout

Cooking in a kitchen in disarray adds another level of stress you don’t want to deal with. Even if your kitchen isn’t the site of the home repairs, you might be too tired to cook after directing contractors and watching things come apart all day. On nights when you’re particularly overwhelmed, go for takeout instead.

We know takeout is more expensive, but sometimes peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars. Plus, takeout is often a treat for the kids, which will help them decompress after such a disruption in their living space.

If you’re facing an unexpected AC or HVAC repair, use AC Southeast® to find the contractor who can get the job done fast and competently. We know how much trouble this kind of thing is, and living for even a few days without AC in the Southeast can be quite miserable. Head to our site and enter your location to search for the best professionals in your area.