HVAC Maintenance Agreements: Why They’re Wise Investments

Published on: May 23, 2014
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Preventative maintenance is one of the best investments you can make to keep your heating and air conditioning system running well. Seasonal tune-ups for your home heating and air conditioner system help keep the unit in excellent working order, reduce the need for repairs and prolong the life of a unit. In addition, regular maintenance reduces utility costs because a well-maintained machine is more efficient and uses less fuel to operate. Most professional air conditioning services offer annual maintenance agreements to help customers keep their heating, ventilation and air conditioning units in tip-top shape.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Most maintenance contracts include a tune-up in the fall for the furnace, heat pump or boiler and another in the spring for the air conditioner.

A maintenance check examines and tunes up all elements of the system:

• Checks electrical connections and wiring
• Oils fans, blowers and other moving parts
• Inspects belts
• Inspects furnace housing and plenum
• Cleans and calibrates thermostat
• Checks coils for dust
• Cleans or replaces air filter
• Checks and adjusts refrigerant levels
• Inspects and cleans drains and tubing
• Ensures that the unit turns on and cycles off properly
• Checks furnace ignition system
• Tests for carbon monoxide

Clogged filters and dirty coils reduce air flow, which lowers energy efficiency and increases utility costs by up to 15 percent. Tune-ups ensure that air flows freely through the system.

Benefits of Maintenance Agreements

Annual maintenance contracts include inspection of your home air conditioning and heating system twice a year. It’s easy to put off calling for a tune-up if you have to think about it. With a maintenance contract, your contractor thinks of it for you. Regular maintenance identifies problems before they become major. It is easier and less expensive to fix a simple problem than waiting until a system has quit working or suffers damage.

Customers with annual agreements also typically get high-priority service for emergency and routine repairs. Many contractors include discounts on labor and parts as part of an annual agreement, saving money and worry.

About AC Southeast® HVAC Contractors

AC Southeast® puts you in touch with licensed professional HVAC contractors in your community in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. Our contractors meet stringent industry standards. Many are Bryant and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers, which means they put customer satisfaction on a par with technical excellence. Our contractors also offer:

• 24-hour emergency services
• NATE-certified technicians
• 100 percent customer satisfaction on new installations
• Design of new systems
• Attractive financing for new units
• Knowledgeable about rebates and tax incentives
• Energy assessments to determine proper sizing of new units

To find a contractor in your area that offers maintenance agreements, just use our easy online tool.