Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High by Preventing Dirty Ductwork

Published on: March 6, 2015
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Because ductwork is out of sight in most Southeastern homes, it can be dangerously easy for homeowners to ignore duct issues. These ducts are imperative to your HVAC system, and when dirt, dust and other pollutants collect in the ducts, it can decrease indoor air quality and damage the furnace and air conditioner. Your best bet is to prevent your home’s ducts from getting dirty in the first place.

How to Prevent Dirty Ductwork

  • Yearly HVAC maintenance – Scheduling routine HVAC maintenance is an important step in keeping your HVAC system functioning properly, but these visits can also help protect ductwork. As part of the yearly maintenance, the technician will also clear out any sediment in the furnace and A/C, keeping mold, dirt, and dust from reaching your ducts.
  • Routine housecleaning – Any pollutants that are present inside your home will most likely end up in your ducts eventually, so it’s important to keep your home clean and free of dust and harmful substances. Clean frequently using a vacuum and damp or statically-charged rags, which will actually collect the particles rather than just spreading them. Any mold should be cleaned immediately using a bleach-based product.
  • Renovation safety – During renovations, make sure vents are sealed tightly to avoid introducing sawdust or other substances to the ductwork. New ducts should be cleaned before installation, as they may already contain contaminants.
  • Protect intake vents – Special attention should be paid to the areas around intake vents, since any pollutants present in the vicinity can easily be sucked into the ducts. Mold is a concern if the vent is in or near a damp area of the house, such as a bathroom, and vents should always be kept free of dust.
  • Duct inspections and cleaning –Ducts need focused attention, too, so routine duct inspections are a necessity. During duct inspections, any built-up dirt or sediment will be removed, and you’ll also be notified of any leaks or other problems affecting your ductwork.

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