Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler

Published on: May 6, 2014
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The beginning of the hot-weather season is the perfect time to think about ways to keep your home comfortable when outdoor temperatures rise, and you don’t need to bust your budget to enjoy some cooling relief. While there are upfront costs involved with just about any home improvement, many effective upgrades cost less than you might spend on a night out with your family. The best projects quickly pay for themselves in lower utility bills and enhanced comfort.

Change Your Air Filter

Although the air filter in your central cooling system helps clean the air by trapping tiny particulates, its primary job is to protect the equipment from damaging dust and grime. Clogged or dirty filters not only impact the system’s efficiency and performance but can lead to costly repairs down the road. Learning how to change an air filter is fairly easy, but your trusted HVAC provider can assist you if you run into problems. A skilled HVAC technician is a great resource if you want an air filter replacement that improves your home’s indoor air quality, too.

Schedule AC Maintenance Service

Even an air conditioner with the highest energy efficiency rating will waste energy and your money if not properly maintained. Enrolling in an affordable preventative maintenance program makes it easy to ensure your air conditioner gets the care it needs to keep you comfortable in hot and humid weather. With proper maintenance, your AC will work better, last longer and require fewer repairs.

Window Strategies

Windows can account for as much as 15 percent of a household’s annual energy consumption, but there are several low-cost ways to improve their efficiency during hot weather:

  • Add weather stripping to the window’s sash.
  • Apply a bead of caulk to loose casings, indoor and out.
  • Close window coverings during the day to reduce solar heat gain and open them on cool evenings.

No-Cost Cooling Tips

Not every energy-saving tip requires an upfront investment. The following strategies don’t cost a penny to put into practice:

  • Wait until the evening to run heat-producing appliances like dryers and dishwashers.
  • Avoid using the oven by heating food in a microwave or toaster oven instead.
  • Even light bulbs generate heat. Switch lamps and lighting fixtures off when not in use.
  • Use your ceiling fan to raise the temperature setting on your air conditioner without compromising your family’s comfort. Each degree that you adjust the temperature upwards can lower your cooling costs.
  • Keep the area around your AC system’s outdoor unit free of debris like leaves, grass cuttings and weeds. Anything that blocks the condenser’s fins will reduce the system’s performance.

Invest Wisely

When exploring tips for reducing your household energy use, partner with an experienced HVAC contractor to help you determine which improvements are worthwhile investments. Reputable HVAC providers make it their business to save you money while improving your cooling comfort. Air Conditioning South East can help you find a contractor whom you can rely on to save you money with quality products and services.