Advantages That Two-Stage Cooling Systems Afford

Published on: August 16, 2012

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, then you have a number of choices depending on your climate. HVAC options include split systems, traditional air conditioning units and two-stage cooling devices.

The Difference Between a Traditional System and a Two-Stage Air Conditioning Unit

If you have a single-stage device, then you’ll turn your unit on and off manually. When your system is in the on position, it will function at a high level as it will use the most amount of energy while it’s eliminating the heat in your home. You can compare it to a vacuum cleaner as the appliance is on while it’s cleaning and turned off when you’re not using it. Keep in mind that two-stage systems use less power than a single-stage device.

When you invest in a two-stage unit, you’ll have the option of two settings. The lower setting typically works at 67 percent while the high setting will work at 100 percent. However, depending on your climate, you may require unique settings. Once you contact our company for HVAC assistance, we can make sure you purchase the right unit for your locale.

HVAC system manufacturers use different methods for creating two-stage units. For instance, you can select a system that features two small compressors that will work next to each other. One compressor will work alone when your weather is moderate while the other device will turn on during hot temperatures.

You may also choose a two-piston compressor, which will work in a similar fashion to the two- compressor system while a multi-speed device will use different speeds, which will effectively cool your home. With a variable speed blower, you’ll have a device that balances its speed with the output of your air conditioning unit.

Once you install a two-stage unit, you’ll appreciate the additional energy savings since your new system will include a computer sensor that automatically increases and decreases the settings. For instance, in the evening hours, the system will reduce the setting level and increase when the exterior temperatures are warmer.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Cooling System

When you contact our company, we can send a service team to review your climate and recommend the proper device. With a two-stage unit, you’ll have reduced energy costs as the majority of households operate their units at the low setting 80 percent of the time. Your HVAC system will also run longer, which will create an even temperature throughout your home.

Another benefit to a two-stage cooling system is the quietness and efficiency of the device. The unit will also control the moisture in your home more effectively. In fact, when tested, the unit eliminated twice as much humidity from the air as a classic unit. When you choose a two-stage air conditioning system, your home is unlikely to have mold or air quality problems, which will benefit your family’s allergy sufferers.

Choosing the Right Thermostat to Achieve the Best Energy Savings

In order to reduce your utility costs with a two-stage unit, you should consider the type of thermostat you have connected to your device. Today’s technology allows you to install a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, which will give you access to your system from any location. If you travel, then you may consider this technologically advanced mechanism as you can increase or decrease your home’s temperature at any time.

You may also purchase a thermostat that you can program. When we install your programmable thermostat, you’ll reduce your home’s energy use as you can set your thermostat to automatically increase or decrease your home’s temperature. For instance, in the summer, you may consider increasing your home’s temperature while you are away at work and decrease the temperature before you return home. You can also program the device to decrease your home’s temperature at night, which may improve your sleep quality.

Zoning system

Another way to save energy is with the addition of a zoning unit. When you have rooms in your home that you rarely use, you may consider adding this type of system to your home. For example, if you have a spare bedroom that you only use when guests arrive or a workout room that you use just once a day, then this system will reduce your utility bills.

You can lower your energy expenses by up to 35 percent when you use a zoning unit in tandem with a programmable thermostat. When you add a zoning device, it will blend in seamlessly with your HVAC system. The unit will also change automatically from hot to cold, and we can add the mechanism to air conditioning units that are gas or electric powered.

When we review your HVAC system options with you, we can recommend the best device for your home and climate while helping you reduce your energy expense.