Don’t Neglect to Fix Your Heating System in Hilton Head

Published on: November 16, 2012

A Hilton Head SC winter is typically very mild, and it can be tempting to ignore problems with your heating system because of this. While it may get chilly enough to warrant use of your heater, you might choose to rationalize postponing repairs because of the mild nature of winter months. However, it’s always wise to keep extremes and record temperatures in mind. The record low in Hilton Head SC was recorded in 1985, an icy 4 degrees Fahrenheit. A day like that demands a working heating system, and ignoring your current system’s issues now could expose you to dangerous conditions in a record setting weather event.

There are several scenarios in which you could find yourself neglecting your heating system in Hilton Head. One of the most common is simple lack of awareness. Ignoring your heating unit can leave you vulnerable to a system malfunction, but educating yourself about basic maintenance can provide a means of preventing problems. Your filter is one of the easiest elements of your heater to maintain. Change it before winter arrives. Check the old system for dirt and mold. A fairly clean filter might be fine in continued use, but evidence of mold demands your attention. The humidity of the area can promote growth of molds, and your heating system can spread mold spores throughout your home. While your system will continue to operate correctly regardless of the presence of mold, your family could suffer medically because of exposure. Enlist the help of an HVAC company to clean your ducts so that your family’s health will be protected.

Inadequate airflow through your vents can lead to energy loss. You might not notice the inconsistency during normal household activity. However, taking time to investigate all vents and make general observations will give you an impression of similarities or differences in airflow. If you have the feeling that there are differences or that the air isn’t blowing as strongly as it should, then it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional to evaluate your heating system in Hilton Head. Duct sealing could save you a lot of money by improving airflow and limiting energy loss and stress on your system.

A lack of heat from your heater is important, and you should have a contractor fix this as soon as possible. Similarly, problems with strange smells from your ducts or weird noises from your heat pump could be signs of trouble and should be evaluated. Preventive diagnosis and repair can save you lots of money later, and realizing that ignoring a small problem could lead to complete loss of function from your system should motivate you to have your heater checked out right away.

While repair costs can be frustrating, some people neglect to realize that they may not have to shoulder the full expense of a repair. If you are a renter, for example, then you need to bring problems to the attention of your landlord right away. A landlord is usually responsible for such repairs, and the sooner you bring the problem to his attention, the sooner it can be fixed.

As a homeowner, you need to examine the warranty for your heating system. If your warranty is in effect, then it’s possible that part or all of your repair costs will be covered. You must verify the guidelines for choosing a contractor as many companies require that only authorized repair services handle their warranty related repairs. Check for contact information or a Web address to make sure of the requirements. If your home is covered by a homeowner’s warranty, your heating system in Hilton Head may be covered for repair or replacement. You should check your policy guidelines in order to find out how to obtain authorized service. There is often only a small deductible charge in the context of warranty services.

Ignoring your system during cold weather could have serious implications if you have very young children or if you care for sick or elderly family members. It’s easy to bundle yourself up to stay warm if a heater isn’t working. However, more vulnerable individuals may experience more serious health repercussions by being exposed to cold conditions in the home. It’s important to contact a company to make repairs so that these household members don’t suffer health problems as a result of a cold home.

An end of the winter failure of your heating system might leave you thinking that you can put off a repair. As the temperatures become milder, you don’t need the heater as much. It’s easy to shut your HVAC system off for the year and forget about it. Unfortunately, busy life activities can keep you distracted from system maintenance. If you use a heat pump, though, you may find that neglecting its repair will leave you with operation problems when the need for cooling your home arises. If your heating system is a furnace, neglecting the repair until next winter could leave you with even more serious expenses. A replacement of your heater is far more costly than a repair.

It’s wise to have repairs to your heating unit performed right away. This limits further deterioration of your unit. It also enables you to be ready for unexpected extremes in the weather. Working with a good contractor can ensure that your heater is ready when it’s needed.