Efficiency vs Cost. What to Consider When Buying Air Filters for Your Savannah Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

For home owners in Savannah, GA, choosing the right HVAC filter for your unit is important. There are different types of filters on the market. The consumer should take the efficiency of each filter into account before making a purchase.


A paper filter comes with most HVAC installations. Your local air conditioning and heater repair technician in Savannah, GA can supply these at low cost. They are cheap and readily available. However, they are the least effective. In homes with pets or high dust problems, these basic filters clog quickly and reduce the efficiency of the system. They must be replaced often because they cannot be cleaned. If the HVAC unit is more than ten years old, it may be an odd size that could be hard to find. There are other types of filters to consider.


An activated charcoal filter from your local Savannah, GA air conditioning and heater repair technician traps molds, pollens, animal hair, and dander as well as odors. Smoke, cooking odors, and chemical odors are eliminated as air passes through. They are available in different sizes to accommodate most HVAC systems. They are more expensive than most other filters.


Electrostatic filters create static electricity as the air flows into the HVAC unit. The static electricity attracts hair, dust, pollens, animal dander, and much more. It will not filter out odors. This type of filter can be found at a local big box store, a local air conditioning and heater repair company, or online. One advantage of these filters is the ability to clean and reuse them, which can save money.


HEPA filters are the most efficient at cleaning ninety- nine percent of pollens, molds, dust, dust mites, and more from the air. They tend to be the most expensive, but some can be cleaned several times before requiring replacement. They are the best choice in homes with respiratory health issues. A Savannah, GA air conditioning and heater repair technician should be able to help find them for older units with odd- sized filters.


Be sure to take into account what the filter will be required to clean from the air before considering cost. This will help you to find the right filter for your needs.